RouteNote Troubleshooters: I want to see myself when I Google my artist name

When your music is live and you have your social pages up you want new fans and long-time listeners to find you with a simple Google search.

The best way to have your music and artist pages come up when you’re searched is to optimise yourself to get a Google Knowledge panel. If you don’t know what a knowledge panel is, it looks like this:

google knowledge graph panel artist page insights links social media website youtube search info bio edit customise

You can follow our guide on setting yourself up to get a Google Knowledge panel with our guide here:

If you’re still having issues our friendly support team will be happy to help you out so just send them a message at

RouteNote Troubleshooters: What audio file formats can I upload?

When you’re uploading your music to RouteNote it’s important that you upload your music in a file format that we accept.

Whether you’re releasing your music with us for free or you’re using our Premium platform; there are two types of audio file that we accept.

You can upload your music in MP3 as long as the sample rate is 320Kbps or higher. You can also upload your music in FLAC format.

If you’re having any trouble uploading your audio check out our Troubleshooter for that here.

If you’re still having issues our friendly support team will be happy to help you out so just send them a message at

5 tips to get your music noticed, from SoundCloud’s Head of Music

Getting your music out there to the world is easier than ever, but with it being so simple to put your music out it can be even harder to get noticed.

SoundCloud’s Global Head of Music, Lisa Ellis, has given her 5 tips to getting yourself in front of people. Using the things she’s learned working at SoundCloud, giving opportunities to artists of every size and type to get heard around the world, Ellis shares her advice for artists.

Courtesy of the SoundCloud Blog.

1. Make great music

Seems obvious, but nothing demands attention like something we haven’t heard before. So, the best first step is to study your craft inside and out. If you rap then write often. If you sing then push your voice to its limits. If you’re a producer then strive to constantly improve your musical, technical and creative processes. 

Hone your sound until it’s completely fresh and uniquely you. For artists who consistently release quality beats, just follow 2-5 and you’ll be on your way to our radars. Need proof? Lil Tecca is a prime example of how putting the music first can help turn heads.

2. Be a trendsetter

When you’re the one setting the trends, people can’t help but notice. Baby Rose’s unique voice, style and sound captivated us from the moment we first heard her music. Her individuality has been converting listeners to fans ever since. If you’re trying to replicate her success, then you need to focus on creating your own lane. Take artistic risks, be yourself, and step up by standing out.

3. Take initiative

Before you look for outside opportunities, make the most with what you already have. Joining SoundCloud Premier, distributing your music and using Promote on SoundCloud are easy ways to build your audience without even leaving your house. Keep your profile engaging and learn to use new tools as they come out. Not only will we take note, you’ll be helping yourself get ahead on your own terms.

4. Be engaged

If there’s one thing every featured artist has in common, it’s that they’re all heavily engaged in the SoundCloud community.  Prior to being a Grammy-nominated hitmaker, Goldlink was an enthusiastic rapper on SoundCloud who began reaching out to producers like Ta-Ku, Kaytranada and Lakim before releasing his first track. These connections helped him net his first shows and were crucial in making him the artist he is today. 

So, don’t just upload your songs and hope for the best. Stay engaged by leaving comments, seeking out potential collaborators and reposting other artists’ work. Because these real interactions are what lead to long-term success.

5. Make waves everywhere

There are plenty of steps you can take elsewhere to boost your success. First off, make sure your social media accounts are updated and linked to your SoundCloud account so new fans have a direct line to your music. From there, you can play shows in at your local coffee shops or venues, turn online connections into real friendships, and let your life experiences shape your approach to creativity. Any waves you make offline will be amplified by your efforts on SoundCloud. Don’t just take our word for it, look to Na-Kel Smith, a rapper and skateboarder who has his feet firmly planted in both realms. 

How to promote your music and gigs for free

This site offers one of the greatest free resources to guide your promotion.

There are lots of different ways to spread the word about your concerts and get your music out to new fans. Bandsintown is a unique website and service that guides your promotion as an artist and works for venues too, to spread the word.

It’s totally free to sign up to their platform which gives you the power and resources to promote your events, reach more people, and sell more tickets. Use trackers and RSVPs to stay up to date with attendees and keep them in the loop with the event.

It’s perfect for labels and management as well as bands and artists on their own. You can manage multiple artists and their events on an account and sync them all up across the web.

You can even create and share videos to promote your tours and upcoming gigs for a marketing scheme that truly engages. Over 50 million live music fans use Bandsintown to see what’s happening in their area and find the concerts they want to go to.

Over 500,000 artists use the platform to spread the word and manager their tour dates. Promote your music beyond the concert by directly messaging your followers and concert goers to promote your music, keep them updated on new tours, and notify them about your merch.

Whether you’re a concert lover or an artist with gigs to promote, you can sign up to Bandsintown for free now.

Today at 2PM ET you can watch a free webinar with a guide to using their free tools and how to use it to build your fanbase, sell more tickets, and market your merchandise. Sign up for the free webinar here:

How Can You Upload Music to Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited is the music streaming service from Amazon. Artists and Labels from around the world are constantly asking how they can upload their music to the service.

RouteNote is the easiest way to get your music uploaded into Amazon Music Unlimited and the worlds largest music streaming services.

Artists and Labels worldwide can signup for Free and upload their music now.

How to get a Spotify link for your music before it’s live

Once your music has been sent to Spotify and is waiting to go live you need a link so you can claim your artist profile or get your fans ready with Pre-Saves.

Once your music has been approved by us, we will send it to Spotify and they should receive it within 48 hours. Once it’s in their system you can get in touch with us at to get you a link to your Spotify URL before it’s available on the streaming service.

With your URL you can gain access to your Spotify for Artists profile so that you can see real-time statistics for your music like demographics and your streaming popularity. Spotify for Artists also allows you to customise your profile so you’re presented exactly how you want to be on one of the world’s favourite music services.

With your URL you can make your music available to fans as a Pre-Save. This allows listeners to add your music to their library in time for release day, so it’s there and waiting once it’s ready. Use Push.FM to set up your free Pre-Saves.

What Does it Mean to “Pre-Save” a Song on Spotify?

Spotify Pre-saves are now widely known, but a lot of people don’t know what it actually means when a consumer pre-saves a song on Spotify.


When a consumer clicks on the pre-save it means that they save or “heart” your song on Spotify before its official release date.

Once the song is officially released in your geographic zone, it will automatically appear in their Liked Songs section.

Artists can now officially use pre-saves for Free via Feel free to signup and use it today.

How to edit your artist profile on Deezer

Deezer are reportedly working on a platform for artists to keep up to date with their music performance and edit their artist profiles.

Until Deezer launch their version of Spotify for Artists, you will have to get in touch with them personally to make changes to your artist profile when your music is live.

With an email you can still edit your artist image, bio, the URLs linked on your page, and playlists that appear on your profile.

  • Get in touch with Deezer’s team at
  • Include your artist image if you want to change it: That must be 500×500 pixels minimum and 3MB maximum
  • Your artist bio explaining a bit about yourself in 100-200 words
  • Links to your social media that you want available on your profile
  • A link to ticketing sites with your tour information will let listeners see your gig dates with an ‘On Tour’ button
  • You can add playlists you’ve created to your artist page as well as ones you’re featured in
  • Send the email with all of the info above and they should be able to get your artist profile up to date!