Top Spotify playlist curators you need to send your music to in 2020

Playlists are what can make an artist in 2020. Getting your music playlisted can be the promotion you need to bring in thousands of new listeners.

We can help you send your music to Spotify’s hand crafted playlist for free.

Many of the top followed playlists on Spotify and other streaming platforms are from independent curators with the hope of promoting your music to new listeners. If you come across any on Spotify that are perfect for your music, check the description for submission info or see who created it.

Here are some of the top playlist curators you need to check out if you want to promote your music for free.

Sidekick Music

Head to Sidekick and select one of the following playlists to submit your music to:

Click here to submit to Sidekick Music.


Simply pick a genre and your music will be sent to a whole host of relevant playlists.

Click here to submit to INDIEMONO.


Search through and submit your music Soundplate’s playlists or one of their top featured playlists. With playlists such as:

Click here to submit to Soundplate


Fill out their form, including the genre, mood and similar artists, then tick the playlists you want to be considered for, such as:

Click here to submit to ForTheLoveOfBands

Daily Playlists

Playlists are user submitted, so there’s no shortage here. Simply search for genres and the site will populate a list of suitable playlists. For example:

Click here to submit to Daily Playlists

For help getting your music onto Spotify for free, head to RouteNote and start distributing to all of the top stores and streaming services.

How to add music to an Instagram story

People love sharing snapshots of their day on Instagram’s Stories, but did you know you can easily add music to your otherwise silent photos?

Step 1

Swipe to the right of the main Instagram screen or tap the camera in the top left corner to create an Instagram story.

Step 1
Step 2

Choose CREATE, NORMAL, BOOMERANG, LAYOUT, SUPERZOOM or HANDS-FREE. Create, take, film or upload your story.

Step 2
Step 3

Swipe up or tap the face icon in the top right corner.

Step 3
Step 4

From here you can add stickers, gifs, location, etc (you can add multiple stickers). Tap MUSIC.

Step 4
Step 5

Scroll through music ‘For you’, ‘Browse’ through popular playlists or search.

Step 5
Step 6

Tap the play beside the track to preview it, then tap the track when you’re ready to add it.

Step 6
Step 7

Choose a font for your lyrics or display the album art and title by swiping across the ‘Aa’ circles. Tap the colour wheel at the top of the screen to change the text colour. Tap ’15’ to ‘Choose clip duration’ between 5 and 15 seconds. Swipe across the vertical bars to choose where the music starts. Hit ‘Done’ when you’ve finished making music edits.

Step 7
Step 8

Drag, rotate and pinch-to-zoom to position the text or album art.

Step 8

That’s it! Tap ‘Your story’ to instantly share with all of your followers, ‘Close Friends’ to share with a select group or ‘Send to >’ to DM specific people.

To get your own music on Instagram stories for free, click here.

How to add music to TikTok from Spotify

Unfortunately TikTok does not let you seamlessly port music from Spotify to their app, however TikTok has a wealth of music on their platform to choose from.

TikTok is the most popular social media app in the world right now. For this reason it’s important for all artists to be on the app, earning revenue for every play. TikTok works with all major labels and distributors to ensure their music library is full to the brim with all the new music and playlists you’d find on all stores and streaming services.

Step 4

It’s super easy to add music to your TikTok videos.

You can get your own music on TikTok for free with RouteNote distribution.

How to monetize tracks on SoundCloud for free

Your handy guide on what monetization on SoundCloud is, how to enable it and the benefits of being part of RouteNote’s SoundCloud Network.

Monetization on SoundCloud is the process of earning money from plays on your SoundCloud tracks. This is via ads placed on or around your uploads.

Why monetize through RouteNote?
  • It’s free – no one-time fee, recurring subscription or premium SoundCloud account required. Payment works in the same way as all of our stores. Free distribution/monetization allows you to keep 85% of the revenue, while RouteNote Premium allows you to keep 100% of the revenue for a small fees.
  • Free SoundCloud Unlimited account – as soon as we’ve monetized one of your tracks, you will gain unlimited uploads for that SoundCloud profile. Please note this isn’t a Pro Unlimited account.
  • No lock-in – You always remain in full control of your music with 100% ownership. You can leave when ever you want.
  • Detailed RouteNote statistics – Our statistics give you monthly track-by-track, store-by-store, country-by-country breakdown of earnings.
SoundCloud Benefits
How do I monetize my SoundCloud tracks?
  • Distribute – You must distribute all of the tracks you wish to monetize with RouteNote. You need to make sure SoundCloud is ticked in the stores selection page. It’s up to you whether you distribute to our other partner stores. As with all RouteNote uploads, you must have the rights to the tracks you’re uploading. For example if you’re releasing a remix, you must have permission from the original artist.
  • Enabling your SoundCloud profile – You need to tell us and SoundCloud that you’d like your profiles to work with one another. This only needs to be done once for each account. Login to RouteNote and head to Management – under the SoundCloud tab. Simply enter your SoundCloud profile URL and hit ‘Submit’. This will take up to two working days for us to enable, we’ll drop you an email to let you know when your account is ‘Active’.
Enabling your SoundCloud profile
  • Clearing tracks – The process of clearing tracks in RouteNote, means linking your RouteNote tracks with your SoundCloud URLs. Once your account is ‘Active’, on the same Management page you’ll see a list of tracks you’ve distributed through RouteNote under the heading ‘Not Cleared for Monetizing’. Copy and paste the corresponding SoundCloud URL, tick the box and click ‘Update’. You can monetize multiple tracks at once. This will move the tracks to ‘Cleared for Monetizing’ and let us know which tracks you’d like linked with which URLs. Our SoundCloud team will forward this info to SoundCloud who’ll turn on monetization. This can take up to two weeks for SoundCloud to process, from the date of clearing or RouteNote approval (which ever comes last).
Clearing tracks
  • Checking your tracks are monetized – Login to your SoundCloud account and head to the track you’d like to check. If you see a blue dollar symbol and ‘This track is monetizing’ below your track, you’re set and earning revenue for every stream.
This track is monetizing
  • To see a full breakdown of all of your tracks monetization status, click your username in the top right corner, then ‘Tracks’. The blue dollar symbols beside your tracks indicates montization is turned on. Grey shows it’s not yet monetized.
SoundCloud - Tracks
It’s been over 14 days since I cleared my tracks and they’re not monetized.

Drop our SoundCloud team an email. We’ll investigate your account and give SoundCloud a nudge if they’ve been lost in transit. Be sure to include your track ISRC (this can be found on the SoundCloud Management page on RouteNote) and SoundCloud track URL.

How do I ensure monetization is switch on by release day?

We can turn monetization on for private or scheduled tracks. Just clear the link in the usual way, remove the secret extension at the end of the URL (the random characters after the track name in the URL). Then email to let us know the track you’ve cleared is private and not an invalid link.

Track visuals, featured profiles & clickable banners

Please note, track visuals, ‘Featured profiles’ and clickable banners are all features we used to offer, but have since been discontinued. If you have featured profiles on your account that you’d like removed, let us know. We’ll keep you updated if these features are reinstated for our SoundCloud Network.

Revoke from our SoundCloud Network

If you’d like us to unlink your profile from our SoundCloud Network, drop us an email and we’ll get this sorted out ASAP.

Full information on our SoundCloud Network can be found here.

See our step-by-step guide to ‘Enable Your Profile’ & ‘Monetize Your Tracks’.

For any questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch at

Is TikTok

TikTok and ByteDance’s business strategy and rise to fame is a unique and interesting one. Gaining popularity in China, then buying out the competition, lead to TikTok becoming the most popular social media app in the world., launching in 2014, followed the short-form video premise pioneered by Twitter owned app Vine in 2013.’s popularity along with a lack of resources from Twitter, lead to the death of Vine in 2016.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance launched their first video sharing app in 2016, Douyin. Douyin is the Chinese equivalent TikTok was based on when it was brought to the rest of the world in 2017.

ByteDance’s dominance in China with Douyin gave the company the resources it needed to buy for $1 billion in 2017. ByteDance would then merge TikTok and in 2018, giving them a monopoly over the short-form video market and allowing it to become the most popular social media app in the world today.

For a history of ByteDance and TikTok’s rise to success, find our article here.

To upload your own music to TikTok, click here.

How YouTube creator and influencers can reward fans, followers and reposters

Content Unlocks from can help creators of all types boost their follower base by rewarding fans in exchange for follows, tweets, retweets and shares on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as well as streaming services.

Designed with creators in mind, aims to help you promote your content, grow your fanbase and deep dive into statistics.

What sort of reward can I give out?

Content Unlocks allow you to grant fans access to coupon codes, VIP Event information, competition codes, event tickets, secret links, new track downloads, wallpapers and more.

We offer two type of reward:

  • ‘Unlock downloadable files’ – this could be an MP3 (free download to your new track), video (early access to your new YouTube video), image (exclusive free wallpaper) or any other kind of file.
  • ‘Unlock a secret message’ – this could be a coupon code, discount code, exclusive information or text of any kind.
What actions must followers complete to gain access

You have free choice of what social platforms, what actions and how many are required to complete in order to gain access to your content.

We offer the following platforms and subsequent actions:

  • Follow – Get new Twitter followers, profile information, social interests and connections with a Twitter Follow. Get a bigger community of fans to hear what you have to say.
  • Tweet – Spread your message quickly and efficiently to a large number of people, people you know and people you don’t.
  • Retweet – Upcycle a previous Tweet that worked, there’s life in the old dog yet. Selecting a Re-tweet will get an existing tweet back out there in the Twittersphere along with any conversations attached to it.
  • Connect – Encouraging your fans to connect with Facebook will give you access to their profile information, email address and contact information providing valuable insights for your future marketing strategies. Each Facebook connection will be added to your PUSH fan base which you can use to market directly.
  • Share – Get your message out there in the form of a Facebook status. You can include links to cross promote here with an unlimited character count.
  • Subscribe – Get new YouTube Subscribers and a bigger digital audience for your video based content, you’ll also be able to gain insights on your fan base and new followers.
  • Save – Ensure your music lands in the libraries of your fans and drive higher engagement on Spotify.
  • Follow – Grow your following, get to know your fan base with access to their profile information and make sure your fans are updated with all your future works.
  • Play – Promote a track, release, podcast or any other Spotify based audio to drive higher streams and get your music in the listening mix in order to become a fan favourite.
  • Pre-save – Build momentum on Spotify before your music’s official release. Requesting a Pre-save will ensure your music slides straight into the library of your fans as soon as it’s released.
Apple Music
  • Save – Work your way into the library of your fans on Apple Music with a Save action.
  • Pre-save – Pave the way for your new music to enter the mix. With an Apple Music Pre-save, your release will slide straight into the libraries of your fans that use Apple Music.
  • Pre-save – Require a pre-save so that on the day your release goes live, your fans on Deezer will have it saved to their library.
Setting your required social actions

Required actions are non-negotiable social hoops your fan must jump through in order to gain access to your exclusive content, your fan will not gain access to your content until they meet the criteria you set out below. Setting a minimum number of required social actions proves useful in driving cross-platform growth and ensuring inclusivity across your fan base whilst setting individual social actions as required allows you to target specific platforms, driving higher engagement in the places that you want to make the biggest mark.

You can also choose whether to set specific social actions as ‘required’. This mean for example, should you only require fans to do three social actions, but want to ensure two of them are follow on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube, this is possible.

Statistics provide you with invaluable statistics regarding when people are viewing and engaging with your campaigns, giving you a detailed day-by-day breakdown.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to create a Content Unlock.

How to create interesting and engaging social media posts

Social media is your single most important promotional tool in 2020. However, managing your feed involves more than a “New Single Out Today” post every month.

The advent of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok has made the interactions between you and your fans shift massively. More than ever artists are expected to share more than their music with their fans. Allow your personality to shine through and grow your fanbase.

Most importantly, make sure your posts are:

  • Snappy
  • Interesting
  • Eye-catching
  • Frequent
  • Non-spammy
  • Varied
What sort of posts should I create?
  • Promos – Make sure you’re posting multiple times per new single, EP and album. ‘What I’m working on’, ‘coming soon’, ‘teasers’, ‘out now’, ‘thanks for all the feedback’. Make sure your promo posts are more than text based posts. They need to be eye-catching, with attached music videos, Spotify embeds, album art, etc. Use Pre-Saves for ‘coming soon’ posts. Use a fanlink to appeal to all store users. Do not post the same thing twice and keep your posts varied.
  • Music videos – It’s cheaper and easier than ever to produce high quality video, the only barrier is your creativity. Make sure you videos are interesting original and unique. Record outside of your bedroom and experiment with video editing software/apps.
  • Tour poster – Again, make sure these are more than a text-based post. Get creative and make a poster that lists all dates and venues. Need some help with graphic design, find our top tips here.
  • Live shows – Get someone at your gigs to snap some photos and videos of you performing. This will entice your followers to come to your live shows and help those long distance fans experience the action.
  • Cover songs – Covers are a great way for you to gain new fan who want to hear a new spin on their favourite tune. If you can get the original artist to repost it, that’s a whole new audience you can pick up. You can even publish it to stores, with or without permission from the original artist. Acoustic covers of your own music are also a great way to pick up double the streams for one track.
  • Content Unlocks – Reward your loyal fans in exchange for they sharing, following and promoting of your content.
  • Behind the scenes – Make sure you’re shooting some videos while writing music, rehearsing, recording, mixing and on the road. Fans love to see the creative process behind your finished product.

Not everything you post needs to be about your music. Some off topic posts will show you’re not only after streams.

Vlogs are a great way to show the person behind the music. More than just a photo, your voice and opinions will allow people to attach a human with the music and connect on a whole new level. Show your day-to-day life outside of music, tell stories about how the band got together, the meaning/inspiration behind your songs or Q&As. These can be polished ten minute YouTube videos or spur of the moment Instagram stories/TikToks, both are great in different ways.

Facebook live, Instagram live and YouTube live are blowing up right now. Jump on the bandwagon quick. Show off your extroverted self. It’s the perfect way for your fans to see your unfiltered life. What’s more, is that the moment you go live, every follower will be notified. Just make sure you don’t say anything offensive in the heat of the moment that you’ll regret later on.

The more frequently you post, the more likes you’ll accumulate, the higher you’ll rank on followers feed. Don’t spam your feed with uninteresting posts or you’ll lose followers. Make sure you strike the correct balance between promo material and fun side pieces. See what posts your fans connect with most and build off that success.