How to get my music on YouTube Music free

Over a billion people use YouTube and with YouTube Music they’ve created a dedicated platform for all of the great music uploaded and released around the world. Get your music in front of that giant audience for FREE with RouteNote.

Getting your music on the top services gives people from all around the world the ability to discover and listen to your music at any time. YouTube Music is the new home for music on YouTube bringing a dedicated music streaming service to the world’s favourite home for video.

Artists and labels can sign up for free to RouteNote and send their music to YouTube Music and all the other leading music services around the world, including: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon, and many more.

It’s completely free to upload and select any and all of the places you want your music to go, anywhere in the world you like. You keep 85% of all the net profits your music makes as people listen to it from all over the planet.

Just select Google when you upload your music and your music will be sent to YouTube Music and Google’s partner streaming service, Google Play Music.

We also have a Premium plan which allows you to keep 100% of everything you make for a small upfront cost, if it suits you better. You can switch between free and Premium for every piece of music you release at any time you like with full flexibility and total transparency.

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Why are Spotify, Apple Music and other music subscriptions so cheap in some countries?

There has been a lot of talk lately about ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) for streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Saavn, etc. Some argue that the price of users should be consistent across the globe, but I’m of the opinion that this cant actually be the case if you would like to get decent adoption in lower GDP based countries with high populations (such as India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam and more.)

To obtain high levels of adoption in specific countries like India it is required that local people can afford to use the product at mass. This can only really happen if the price of the subscription matches the GDP level of the country.

If matching pricing with GDP and local living costs then you will never obtain high levels of adoption.

This is why the price of a Spotify or Apple Music subscription in Australia, UK and USA is a lot higher than the price of the subscription in Vietnam, India or China.

How to master alternate picking on guitar

Alternate picking is an important skill for any guitarist for playing fast and for playing with precision.

If you can’t alternate your picking with a plectrum then don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you’re looking to play better guitar solos, improve your melody or just generally improve your playing proficiency alternate picking is a very valuable thing to learn.

Alternate picking is just the technique of picking guitar strings with a plectrum up and down. Sounds simple right? Well it is but like any technique it can take time to get used to it and become proficient at doing it quickly without thinking.

Get Started

Start simple and don’t worry about your fretting hand. Focus on picking an open string or keep a finger on one fret so that you can focus all of your attention on picking.

Start off slowly so your finger Can adjust to picking the string both ways. You may find that as you start you need to adjust how you’re holding the plectrum depending on how you’ve been playing before.


As with anything else, practising the technique is key to mastering it. Once your starting to build up speed with your picking you can start expanding on the technique.

Try changing the tempo as you play to build proficiency. Play with the timing with a shuffle beat or syncopation to get more used to playing to a melody rather than a straight beat.

Once it’s becoming natural start using your fret hand too. Start simply by playing up a scale on one string whilst alternate picking and do it at a speed that feels comfortable as you build up your skill.

Once playing up and down with a plectrum starts to feel comfortable then the challenge really starts – alternate picking between different strings. This may take a bit more practice to stop feeling clumsy but give it time. (For larger arpeggios you’ll probably find sweep picking is much easier than alternate picking.)

Dedicate some time each day to practice all the different elements of alternate picking and soon you’ll find yourself plucking all 6 strings both ways completely naturally.

Apply It

Once you’re starting to feel fully comfortable alternate picking then it’s time to start putting it to use.

Play along with some songs you like or jam with your band. Put it to use in the context of a song and you can really put your new skill to use.

You’ll notice that the more natural alternate picking becomes the more accurately you’ll be able to play, not to mention how much quicker you can play with up and down strokes.

The quicker and better you want to get the more you need to practice. However even with a basic alternate picking ability you’ll notice how much better your playing will become.

How to get over producer’s writing block

We’ve all been there. You sit down at your PC, you light up your keyboard, you load up your plugins and stretch out your fingers… but nothing comes.

When you’re finding inspiration hard to come by, follow these tips and hopefully you’ll be back on track to producing better than ever in no time.

Produce to improve, not conclude

Instead of going into your DAW with the mindset of finishing a project in progress or starting one from scratch, produce with the aim to practice and improve. It’ll take away your own niggling pressure to complete a track and instead open your musical possibilities and directions within your DAW without stress. You’ll have a finished track and have furthered your craft and skill before you know it.

Removing a common interest

One of my favourite producers, Bonobo, uses this interesting technique when writing his complex and incredibly layered songs:

“I just build up layers and layers and layers, and then remove the common element that was there to start with. Then you’ve got these two sort of disparate sounds that originally had nothing to do with each other but after you remove the common framework it makes sense in a weird and wonderful way.” –

You can use this technique to write new, related melodies that you can use in evolving sections of your songs. Try writing a ‘foundation’ melody, writing 2 melodies that accompany and compliment the first, and then delete the first ‘foundation’ melody; the common interest.

Write to the moving image

If you’re struggling to find any inspiration, then choose your favourite advert, music video or short film clip, mute it, and try writing along to it. This will change up your familiar and conventional song structures, dynamic changes and preferred pre-set sounds. The moving image will introduce new imagery, feelings and atmospheres into your track that you may not have come up with on your own.

Apply limitations to yourself

Applying limitations into my workflow and my DAW has enabled me to produce some of my best work. Think of restrictions that you’re not allowed to break, such as:

  • Only using plug-ins within your DAW.
  • Produce a whole track using only vocal samples.
  • Produce entirely off grid/without quantising.

Producers can easily be overwhelmed with the number of plug-ins, tools and DAWs available to them. Introducing restraints into your workflow will increase your comprehension and appreciation of the tools and techniques you choose to use.

Remove any conventions

Don’t restrict yourself to any conventions. Opening your DAW with the aim of writing and producing a specific genre risks you shutting down any musical ideas you have that don’t conform. Cross pollination of genres has led to the creation some incredibly beautiful and innovative music. Try using using samples from genres you never would have thought of blending with your own style and creating something new, after all, if it sounds good then go with it.

How to get an artist Google Panel when people search your name

You want to look the best you can as an artist and make it easy for potential fans to find you. This guide makes sure you show up how you want to when you’re searched on Google.

Google Knowledge panels are a great way for people to find out more about you as an artist and easily find you on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and more. As it’s auto-generated you want to make sure it’s up to date and represents you well.


You need to make sure your online presence is optimised. This means ensuring that your artist page on Facebook, your artist YouTube Channel and so on are all named and tagged after your artist name.

As Google creates your panel automatically it will put up the bare-bones of it based on what is clearly available online. Ensuring your online presence is optimised enhances what Google will be able to do straight up.

When you upload music online to services like Spotify then Google will often create your panel after the first couple of uploads. It will then create links to your Spotify artist page for easy access to your music.

Google won’t just create a Knowledge Panel because you exist, you will need to have somewhat of an entity online. This means getting your accounts verified, more Facebook likes, adding structured data to your website etc. will increase your chances of getting a panel.


Google will create your Knowledge Panel for you when it feels your brand is ready but you want to look good for all your potential new fans. Fortunately Google now lets you take some control over your Panels.

You need to log in to, or create, a Google account. It’s best to have one that you use for your music in general to link for all of your music things.

You need to become an official representative to make any changes to your Knowledge Panel. To become an official representative make sure:

  • The URL in the Knowledge Card matches the official website, YouTube channel or Google+ page.
  • That you have the website attached to your search console account.
  • That you are signed into your Google account that is tied to the website.
  • That you have Web & App Activity is turned on.

Once Google knows you are an official representative for your brand you should be able to see a bar at the top of the panel saying “Is this info up-to-date?”.

If you can then select ‘Suggest a Change’ to edit parts of your panel and make sure that you are represented as best as you can be when people look for you on Google.

Google will review the change but assuming it’s accurate and doesn’t infringe on any of their terms you’re good to go with your best look!

How to get your music on iHeartRadio for free

iHeartRadio is the de facto home of online radio with hundreds of radio stations available for streaming online. We’ll get your music on their All Access tier in front of 120+ million listeners for free.

iHeartRadio is a unique and powerful force in the constantly blossoming world of online music. They offer up over 850 radio stations across the US as well as more traditional streaming features through their All Access subscription.

It’s a favourite for digital music discovery and streaming by many people. At RouteNote we can get your music on iHeartRadio as well as all of the other top streaming services, download stores, and other music services around the world.

That includes Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, Tencent, and so many more. It’s as simple as creating a free account at and uploading your music to us to look over and send to stores.

Best of all, it’s free! You keep 85% of everything you earn. If you want to keep 100% of your earnings then you can pay a small upfront fee and keep every penny.

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How to get my music on Anghami for free

We can get your music online around the world on all of the top stores and streaming services. Best of all it’s completely free.

Anghami have shaped music streaming in the Middle East and North Africa with over 55 million users. They launched to create a real place for people to come and listen to music in territories rife with music piracy and they’ve achieved it providing the biggest solution to legal music streaming and downloads in the countries it is available.

You can create a free account at and send your music to Anghami and make money from every stream or download. As well as the 55+ million listeners on Anghami we work with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, JioSaavn, Kanjian, and many more services around the world to bring your music to millions of ears ready and waiting to hear you.

We make it free to get your music worldwide and you keep 85% of all the money you make. If you want to keep all of your revenue then you can keep 100% for a small upfront cost when you upload your music through RouteNote.

It’s as simple as signing up for a free account at and uploading your music. We will check over your music to make sure it’s all ready for stores and streamers and then we’ll send it off around the world!

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