How to get an artist Google Panel when people search your name

You want to look the best you can as an artist and make it easy for potential fans to find you. This guide makes sure you show up how you want to when you’re searched on Google.

Google Knowledge panels are a great way for people to find out more about you as an artist and easily find you on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and more. As it’s auto-generated you want to make sure it’s up to date and represents you well.


You need to make sure your online presence is optimised. This means ensuring that your artist page on Facebook, your artist YouTube Channel and so on are all named and tagged after your artist name.

As Google creates your panel automatically it will put up the bare-bones of it based on what is clearly available online. Ensuring your online presence is optimised enhances what Google will be able to do straight up.

Google won’t just create a Knowledge Panel because you exist, you will need to have somewhat of an entity online. This means getting your accounts verified, more Facebook likes, adding structured data to your website etc. will increase your chances of getting a panel.


Google will create your Knowledge Panel for you when it feels your brand is ready but you want to look good for all your potential new fans. Fortunately Google now lets you take some control over your Panels.

You need to log in to, or create, a Google account. It’s best to have one that you use for your music in general to link for all of your music things.

You need to become an official representative to make any changes to your Knowledge Panel. To become an official representative make sure:

  • The URL in the Knowledge Card matches the official website, YouTube channel or Google+ page.
  • That you have the website attached to your search console account.
  • That you are signed into your Google account that is tied to the website.
  • That you have Web & App Activity is turned on.

Once Google knows you are an official representative for your brand you should be able to see a bar at the top of the panel saying “Is this info up-to-date?”.

If you can then select ‘Suggest a Change’ to edit parts of your panel and make sure that you are represented as best as you can be when people look for you on Google.

Google will review the change but assuming it’s accurate and doesn’t infringe on any of their terms you’re good to go with your best look!

How to get your music on iHeartRadio for free

iHeartRadio is the de facto home of online radio with hundreds of radio stations available for streaming online. We’ll get your music on their All Access tier in front of 120+ million listeners for free.

iHeartRadio is a unique and powerful force in the constantly blossoming world of online music. They offer up over 850 radio stations across the US as well as more traditional streaming features through their All Access subscription.

It’s a favourite for digital music discovery and streaming by many people. At RouteNote we can get your music on iHeartRadio as well as all of the other top streaming services, download stores, and other music services around the world.

That includes Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, Tencent, and so many more. It’s as simple as creating a free account at and uploading your music to us to look over and send to stores.

Best of all, it’s free! You keep 85% of everything you earn. If you want to keep 100% of your earnings then you can pay a small upfront fee and keep every penny.

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How to get my music on Anghami for free

We can get your music online around the world on all of the top stores and streaming services. Best of all it’s completely free.

Anghami have shaped music streaming in the Middle East and North Africa with over 55 million users. They launched to create a real place for people to come and listen to music in territories rife with music piracy and they’ve achieved it providing the biggest solution to legal music streaming and downloads in the countries it is available.

You can create a free account at and send your music to Anghami and make money from every stream or download. As well as the 55+ million listeners on Anghami we work with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, JioSaavn, Kanjian, and many more services around the world to bring your music to millions of ears ready and waiting to hear you.

We make it free to get your music worldwide and you keep 85% of all the money you make. If you want to keep all of your revenue then you can keep 100% for a small upfront cost when you upload your music through RouteNote.

It’s as simple as signing up for a free account at and uploading your music. We will check over your music to make sure it’s all ready for stores and streamers and then we’ll send it off around the world!

If you have any issues our friendly support team are at hand to help you with whatever you might need at

Submit music to Pandora free

It’s easy and free to get your music online on the world’s favourite streaming services and music stores with RouteNote. When it comes to Pandora and all the others, we have you covered for getting your music worldwide.

Pandora are one of the US’ favourite music streaming services with over 75 million listeners in the country. This is a giant audience that could be listening to your music and getting your music there is free and simple.

It’s as simple as creating a free account at Once you have an account you can upload as many releases as you like whether they be a single, EP, or a full album.

You can select any stores and streaming services from our partners to distribute your music to, including; Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, TIDAL, Google Play, iTunes, and many many more.

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Music distribution for Indian record labels

Starting a record label is easy with RouteNote as we make it simple to upload your artists for free to all the top streaming services and music stores around the world.

We can send your music to the top stores and services in every country around the world including India’s giant JioSaavn, China’s top services like QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo. Then beyond that all the other favourites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and many more.

If you’re a record label and want to distribute your artists online through RouteNote you can create a free account at With your account you can upload unlimited singles, EPs, and albums by any and all of your artists and make money from downloads and streams all across the globe.

Depending on how well you expect the release to do we offer Free and Premium distribution and you can select which you want for each different release. Upload free and keep 85% of everything you make from that release, or upload at a small cost and keep 100% of all earnings.

So what are you waiting for, get your record label and your music online now – it’s easy!

How Do You Add Playlist Covers to Spotify?

We have been getting a lot of questions about Spotify playlists and how to change the covers of the playlists. Here is a very quick guide on how to change that playlist coverart.

  1. Launch and login to your Spotify account
  2. Select the playlist you want to change the cover for, or create a new playlist
  3. Click on the cover art image of your playlist – it should show a pencil icon
  4. A pop up window will appear and will look like the image at the top of this article.
  5. Click Choose Image button and you can customize your playlist cover.

How to get your music featured on iTunes’ front page

As music streaming becomes the favourite method for listening to music iTunes still stands strong as the pioneer and leader for digital downloads. Getting your music on there is easy and being featured by Apple could be too.

We have been helping independent artists and labels get their music onto the world’s top streaming services and download stores for over 10 years, providing a free solution for anyone to get their music online worldwide. But once you’re online you want to be heard, so here are our tips on how to get yourself featured on the world’s favourite digital music store.

Upload your music to iTunes for free on RouteNote

The most important thing you need to do to have your chance at being featured on iTunes is get your music on there in the first place – of course. At we offer free music distribution to iTunes and all the other major streaming services and stores.

Plan your release date: If you want your music to go live on a specific date you can set the date when you upload with us. Planning forward can be a good idea for many reasons, including your chance of being featured on services.

Hype it: A release date gives you time to promote and build hype around your release. On iTunes when your release is uploaded fans can pre-order your music which makes it more likely that iTunes will see it as it makes sales. In addition it gives us more time with your music to recommend it to services.

You need to set your release date 28 days in the future from the date you create your release to ensure it has time to get prepared on each service for a timed release.

Pitch your track with RouteNote

If you’re distributing through RouteNote then you can pitch your music to us for consideration as a special selection. It’s as simple as filling in a form with a few details about your track and we’ll give it a listen and pitch it specially to be considered for a home page feature or to be included in some of the top playlists.

You can pitch your music to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and others through our simple form: RouteNote Pitching Form

We can’t promise that your music will be featured by iTunes but we can promise you the opportunity when you use RouteNote to get your music heard on all the top services around the world.

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