Leroy Wells: Best TV Audition Of All Time?

Not that I watch these sorts of things, but; what do you think the best televised audition of all time is? Subo reminding Simon and Piers that not all ugly people are useless (I mean look at Stephen Hawking), Jed-ward upsetting a nation or maybe that old woman feeling the onset of dementia during last year’s BGT finals?

Well, I think that the title actually belongs to this little genius – Leroy Wells, pictured above after being arrested for the umpteenth time. One can’t help but wonder what might have been for Leroy, were he not shunned so publicly.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I always do, every time I watch it. Please link it around to as many people as you can.

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Music Review: Bottle Of Evil

This week I will be reviewing an album that can only be described as “Nu Gaze.” If you go to the wikipedia entry on “Nu Gaze”, you will find this sentence at the end of the first paragraph; “Some people consider the term “Nu Gaze” derogatory and dismissive.” I am such a person.
When I say the words “Nu” and “Gaze” together, the image that appears in my head is a group of moody idiots in their late twenties who probably think of themselves as being deep, introspective types that no one really understands. They probably think that everyone else thinks the same of them too, “who is that troubled soul? I wonder what he’s thinking. God I’d love to hear about his emotions/views on politics/stories of a troubled childhood”, whilst in reality everyone knows they are little more than a moron who needs to GET A SODDING GRIP AND HAVE SOME SEX FOR ONCE. OK, that’s out of my system now.

This is where my bitterness stops. Bottle Of Evil are an utterly superb electronic “Nu Gaze” outfit, who don’t seem to be capable of doing anything wrong on their debut, self titled album.

Everywhere I have looked the track listening is different, which has annoyed me slightly. For this reason I can’t give a proper album review, but I can pull out some highlights, of which there are happily plenty.

I strongly suggest tracking down the songs “Station” – a song with an unspeakably wonderful riff that no matter how many times you hear it never gets boring, “Same Old Story” – a brilliantly subtle number that has one of the most catchy and uplifting acoustic guitar riffs you’re ever likely to hear , “Holding Up The Bar” – which is by some distance the best song on the album and manages to balance some seriously dense textures with the utmost taste and “Seize The Day”, which you can hear at the bottom of this post.

My only minor criticism of the album is the rather excessive use of reverb on the voice and to be honest, most of the instruments. This is however, more than made up for by actually being musically solid – unlike a lot of music in this style. Clever chord progressions, tunes and phrasing; musically speaking they really have got the balance spot on.

You can hear a fairly substantial portion of the album by visiting their MySpace page and can buy the album by clicking here.

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Seize The Day by evilhand

Chromeo; Don’t Turn The Lights On – Video

Hello, happy Monday. Did you have a nice weekend? I do hope so…

Here’s a look at a (very) new video from Chromeo, which may perk up your Monday or terrify you into a fetal position and ruin your entire week.

The song isn’t massively up my street, but the video is kinda cool and quirky, and I strongly suggest that you take a look. If you like the song you may want to consider pre-ordering the new album by clicking here.


Travis; The Band Who (Could Have Been Much Better)

Right, before you all slag me off either on the comment board or in your brain; I’m fully aware that Travis went very awful very quickly.

Your abuse (and the abuse I’m giving myself) is the reason I’m uploading this at such a silly hour.

I used to like them, those Travis boys, they used to rock and for a small period of time they were the only British band doing anything in the aftermath of Brit-pop.

Here is their first major hit. This is off their first album Good Feeling, which I strongly suggest you go and buy from iTunes by clicking here. Enjoy.

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Kid Cudi Performs New Tracks at His Old Workplace, Bape in New York

Kid Cudi performed some of his new tracks which will be featured on his upcoming album Man Of The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager at New York’s BAPE. Bape does seem like an odd venue, but Bape gave Kid Cudi a job back when he was struggling in New York. This has to be the sign of an artist with a very strong fan base! Kid Cudi only used Twitter and Facebook to promote the show and as you can see from the video below there was a great response.

Kid Cudi – “REVOFEV” (Live)

My Favourite Funny Music Videos

Im not really too sure why Im putting together my favourite funny music videos, but I thought I would spread the joy! Enjoy!

Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

Axis of Awesome – 4 Chord Song

Weird Al – Your Horoscope for Today

Flight of the Conchords – Ladies of the world

Flight of the Conchords – If You’re Into It

HMV To Launch Digital Music Download Store In The Next Two Weeks

Before the end of July its rumoured that HMV will be launching their own digital download store. HMV has been a main player in the world of CD sales, now they have noticed the rise of digital and want part of that market.

HMV have been running hmvdigital.com for serveral months now, but on in a beta sense. Prices are currently £0.99 per single and around £7.99 for an album. These prices seems very similar to iTunes, so why would anyone think of purchasing on HMV instead of iTunes?

HMV will only be launching their download store in the UK, but Im sure over time they will hit all the other major music markets.

Free Music: Tommie Sunshine – Summer Soundtrack Mix

Although just over a week old, this colossal 80 minute mix from the NY-based Dance Music whirlwind is already infamous. In his own words: ‘With Dance Music exploding the way it is, I wanted to digest it and make one giant mix of all the monster hits that will become the anthems of the Summer.’

Tommie has stitched together a fine range of current dance-ified pop and updated 90’s classics, creating a mix to delight Dance Music fans around the world.

Tommie Sunshine – Summer Soundtrack Mix ’10 by tommiesunshine

RouteNote Premium Launch Promotion: Worlds Cheapest Music Distribution!

A few weeks ago RouteNote launched our new Premium platform. The Premium platform is a subscription based service that allows artists to keep 100% of their revenues. Pricing for the Premium service is $10 per year for single, $20 for an EP, $30 for an album and $45 for an extended album. All these prices are based on a yearly subscription. Recently, we also wrote an article stating how many sales were required to make the Premium model worth while.

Here are RouteNote we wanted to run a crazy promotion for the summer and here it is!

RouteNote is offering our Premium service (artists keep 100% of the revenues) for a Flat ONE TIME Fee.

$10 single, $20 EP, $30 album and $45 ext. album.


All you need to do is signup and choose our Premium service. No codes required. Artists will receive all of RouteNote’s great partners, as well as free UPC and ISRC codes, and keep all 100% of their revenues! This promotion is only available for new content added to RouteNote.

This promotion will only run until 31st August, so spread the word!

Radiohead to Release New Album This Year!

Radiohead is one of the worlds most influencial bands and they are set to release a new album. Pitchfork reports that in an interview with the BBC 6 yesterday, Radiohead drummer Phil Selway mentioned that they are hoping to release their new album this year.

“’It’s genuinely exciting. It’s very different from what we did last time. It’s really nice to be doing this,’ he said, contrasting the sessions with the recording of In Rainbows, which he referred to as “a slog.”

“’Ideally, it would be great if it came out sometime this year. It has got to; I hope so. We’re at the finishing line. When you’re making a record, a film, write a book for ages and ages you think the finishing line is miles away. Now it feels it’s in touching distance. But of course, it being a creative process, at the last bit also, you have bursts of energy, you achieve a lot of things in a small period of time and then you’re nearly there. It might slow down. But yeah, hopefully it will be a matter of weeks.’”

In other Radiohead news, Selway’s first solo record, Familial, will be released on August 30, 2010.