Music is coming to Facebook in exciting new ways

Facebook want to use music to let you express yourself in a whole variety of new ways with their big new plans to introduce music into Stories and Profiles.

Facebook have announced how they’re making music a bigger part of your lives on social media and represent yourself with your favourite songs. Facebook Stories have gotten a lot more personal with music sound-tracking your best moments, choose a tune that fits you and songs to your profile, as well as big expansions coming to Lip Sync Live.

In a statement Facebook said of their new musical additions to the service: “Moments are remembered and accentuated with music, and we can’t wait to see all the ways people around the world get creative with these features, make memories, and have fun with friends and family.”

Music on Facebook Stories

Facebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profileFacebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profile

Last month Facebook launched music on Facebook Stories so that you can add songs to your photos and videos shared in a Story. The feature rolled out to the News Feed as well so that wherever you want to upload your photo or video you can pick a track from the music sticker section and enhance your memories.

The music sticker option can be found in the sticker section. Search for the song you want to use, select the perfect part of the song to accompany your photo or video and add the sticker with the artist and track name. You can customise the sticker by moving it around and even adding other stickers on top.


Profile Songs

Facebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profileFacebook Music Lip Sync Live stories profileSoon Facebook will let you add songs to your Facebook profile. Whether it’s the latest track you’ve discovered and got spinning on repeat or it’s your favourite song of all time for years it will let you represent yourself musically as well as visually.

A new music section on profiles will feature all of the songs you’ve selected to represent yourself. Additionally you can pick a particular track to pin at the top of your profile so anyone looking at your Facebook profile has an instant snippet of who you are aurally. A clip of each featured song can be played by viewers and they will have the option to visit the artist’s profile or add it to their own profile.


Expanding Lip Sync Live and Adding Lyrics

Facebook’s Lip Syncing feature has been incredibly popular getting people around the world mouthing along to their favourite songs and sharing it with their friends. Lip Sync Live has now launched to all profiles in the many countries around the world where it’s available.

Facebook have expanded Lip Sync Live so that it’s available for pages meaning artists, creators and brands can join in the fun and connect with fans. Facebook are adding lyrics to Lip Sync videos as well so that viewers can follow along or join in if they want to. Facebook are rolling out lyrics to certain songs over time.

Pirate Studios are taking the middle man out of recording

Pirate Studios want to make professional recording studios accessible at all times on your own terms and they have just gained $20 million in funding to help make it happen.

When you’ve written your tracks, solidified the grooves, and nailed the sounds you’re going for it’s time to get into the studio. This means booking time into a studio that works for you, whoever’s working for you, and any engineers at the studio you’re going to be using. But Pirate Studios want the studio experience to be as simple as dropping in whenever you like and dealing with it yourself.

They have 350 studios in 21 different locations across the UK and New York City in the US where artists can drop in at any time to the 24/7 rehearsal studios fully kitted out with drums, amps, mics, and PAs. Using keycode access artists and musicians can book studio time when they like and gain access with automated recording and livestreaming in all of their studios. It’s like having your own studio on hand whenever you want it. It’s also incredibly affordable, with one of their fully kitted studio rooms available for as cheap as £15 for 3 hours it opens up professional recording to everyone.

Pirate Studios co-founder and CEO, David Borrie said: “When we founded Pirate Studios our dream was to create innovative spaces to support emerging talent. We want to see music thrive and help musicians get their music out to their fans, through whatever route they think is most appropriate. We are building both the physical space to create, as well as the technology to record and share, that puts the power back into the hands of musicians in a period when the digitisation of music continues to radically upset the old order of this industry.

“We are so excited about the next stage of our expansion, which has been made possible by Talis Capital’s big commitment to this project, with the potential to put musicians back at the heart of the music industry. It’s also exciting to see so many new investors come on board with Talis and to help us with the next stage of our journey.”

Talis Capital is a London-based, private venture firm and they invested $20 million in strategic funding to push Pirate Studios to the next stage of its development. Other high profile investors from around the world got involved to back Pirate Studios expansion.

Matus Maar, who manages partner ventures at Talis Capital and is now an executive chairman of Pirate Studios, said: “The music industry has changed fundamentally. Distribution was previously controlled by the major record labels, preventing the majority of artists from sharing their content. Pirate Studios has unpicked that hegemony and is putting the power back in artists’ hands, unlocking a significant and largely untapped market opportunity. We greatly look forward to continuing to partner with David and the team to make this vision a reality.”

Check out all of Pirate Studio’s spaces and book yourself into one if you fancy cheap, easy yet quality recording from

Find the hottest new dance music coming out on Vital EDM

The internet is a breeding ground for amazing music, which is why it’s so important that the cream of the crop has a home where you can easily find all of the best new tunes coming out. That’s exactly what Vital EDM offers.

Established in 2011, Vital EDM is the proud home to the best in underground EDM. Helping dance music lovers around the world discover the best tunes old and new, the channel is updated all the time with amazing tunes from some of the hottest, unrecognised artists in the world.

Whether you’re into dubstep, future bass, chill trap, glitch hop, house or anything else electronic dance music Vital EDM is the channel for you. If you’re an EDM producer you can submit your music for consideration to be featured on the channel with 800,000+ subscribers.

Here’s a taste of the incredible music coming out of Vital EDM all the time:

Vital EDM




Is the future of pop music in artificial intelligence?

Computers are getting better and better at making music and soon the top songs in the charts could have little to no human involvement – at least that’s what Popgun AI are hoping.

Artificial Intelligence is getting more sophisticated by the minute and it’s capabilities are beginning to know no bounds. Some see it as a threat, some see it as a blessing, and most of us just think it’s pretty cool. Popgun are the developers behind an AI that can intelligently create sophisticated music using algorithms and it could threaten pop music songwriters around the globe.

The Australian startup has come a long way since it started developing ‘Alice’ last January. Alice was their first music playing AI and ‘she’ was capable of listening to notes played by a human on a piano and then responding with an algorithmic based progression from the human notes. By the end of the year Alice had come on leaps and bounds becoming a sophisticated piano player in ‘her’ own right. By the start of this year Popgun had developed AI that could play drums and bass, capable of analysing rhythms and grooves like a real drum or bass player. Watch their evolution from the conception of Alice in the video below:

Now we’re nearing the end of 2018 and Popgun’s AI is essentially capable of creating full songs by itself and if you heard them on the radio you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. The AI is even capable of producing and chopping vocals to fit the vibe of tracks it’s creating to a scarily good standard. Their AI is now capable of creating a full backing track based on human vocals that it’s given.

Things are looking good for the company as their technology gets more sophisticated than many people thought possible. Their rapid enhancements this year have been aided by seed funding from Silicon Valley in February as well as big name endorsements, including Pandora’s CEO Tim Westergren joining their board recently.

Popgun music ai artificial intelligence music production creation pop music
Popgun’s co-founders: Stephen Phillips and Adam Hibble

Popgun co-founder Stephen Phillips is optimistic for the future of their AI in the use of popular music but doesn’t see it as replacing human involvement. He says: “It’s going to be a new instrument that producers will use. A tool: a more abstracted drum machine. It can play the guitar, the bass and the piano, and each one of those AIs can listen to one another and play together. That’s very new.”

Speaking on why it won’t replace humans, Phillips says: “It doesn’t have taste. It has no conception of culture. It sees a whole lote of music, and from that it can model the distribution about how to play that instrument. It has lots of concept about key and timing and phrasing, but no concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Humans are integral to that. That bit’s not in the AI: it has to be done by humans.”

In an interview with Music Ally Phillips re-iterates fairly often that he doesn’t see this as a danger to creativity or the profession of musicians. Jazz musicians are accordingly definitely still safe as the AI struggles to understand or reciprocate the frenetic and manic style of playing inherent to jazz. But when it comes to pop music, the formula has been there long before Popgun’s AI, it’s just a matter of using it.

Popgun music ai artificial intelligence music production creation pop music

Phillips says: “We will have pop hits! Well, either us or someone like us will build software that every producer on the planet is using. When we show this to producers, they’re like ‘I need this!’. Press a button and something creative comes out. It moves them being the sole source of creativity to being the curator of this experience.”

But being the source of creativity is part of the art, no? Does pressing a button to make “something creative come out” not infringe upon the entire concept of creativity? Sure, the ability for a computer to faithfully create a high quality song that wouldn’t stand out in the charts is impressive – but is it necessary, even as a production aid? It seems like it’s just taking more responsibility away from producers to learn and hone their craft. And when it’s hard enough to make it in the industry as it is, perhaps this tool isn’t what we need.

But what do you think? Let us know how you feel about the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of AI in music in the comments section.

The best sites for free samples and loops to download

Loops and samples are a producers best friend, providing endless opportunities to use and rework unique sounds, melodies and rhythms into a new surrounding. But quality samples are hard to find without denting your wallet, so we’ve collected the best places to go where they are free to download.


SampleRadar loops multi loops samples free download royalty free music production

SampleRadar is a giant hub of free loops, hits, and multis offered by music news and tech publication MusicRadar. It’s updated all the time and full of every type of sample you could ever imagine. Whether you’re looking drum hits, acoustic guitar samples, reggae loops, ambient sounds, or really just anything – SampleRadar has the packs for you.

There are over 66,000 samples available for completely free download with SampleRadar. All of the samples are royalty free and come from the discs included with Computer Music and Future Music magazine. We highly recommend you have a scroll through all the packs that they have to offer and expand your library with a whole host of tasty new sounds and samples.

Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

Converse Rubber Tracks sample library samples sampling loops hits music production producer

Converse are best know for their shoes but they also have a wicked audio library full of high quality samples that they’re giving away for free. The Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a bunch of professional samples recorded at Converse’s Rubber Track studios.

There are percussion packs, moog synth sounds, clips, blips, trips and much more. All of the samples in the surprisingly extensive library are free download and entirely royalty free so you can use them however you like with no strings attached.

Producer Loops

Producer loops music production samples loops hits sampling

Producer Loops isn’t inherently a free sample site but it does currently offer 86 amazing sample packs at no cost. And their free offerings may not be as regularly updated as the rest of the website but you can be sure that when a new pack is added it will be a quality treat.

The highlighted pack is currently in theme with next week’s festivities and offers a spooky Halloween selection of loops based on recent tracks from producers like Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki. Every pack is up to a premium standard and offers a wide selection of tasty sounds that are completely free to use


Samplephonics free samples loops music production sampling

As with Producer Loops, Samplephonics offers a premium library of paid for sample packs. But with premium charges comes premium sample packs, so you know that their free offerings are of real worth and the best quality.

You will need to sign up with a free account to take advantage of Samplephonic’s free library of samples, loops, and packs – even synth presets. With packs ranging from amazing brass recordings, future bass effects, professional vocals and much more, Samplephonics has a lot to offer the producer on a budget.

HipHop Makers

Hip Hop makers samples production music producers

Despite the site’s name HipHop Makers have loads of high quality packs for anyone, regardless of style. That said, if you’re a Hip-Hop producer you may have just found your new favourite site for sample packs.

The bread and butter of this site are the numerous drum kits, drum loops, hits and basically the hundreds of percussive possibilities offered in the multiple packs on HipHop Makers. It doesn’t stop there though with Kanye West style loops for inspiration, heavy brass for some fat melodic beats, piano loops for an old school sound, and much more.

Any sites that you use and love for free samples? Share the love and post them in the comments below.

Artists make money on Facebook & Instagram with RouteNote

We have partnered with Facebook to give artists the chance to get paid for their music with an audience of over 1 billion people around the world. Instagram Stories also just got worth watching with your music as the soundtrack.

Earlier this year we partnered with Facebook so that artists who upload through RouteNote can get paid every time their music is used in Facebook’s massively popular videos. We have also partnered with Instagram so that no matter what social platform your music finds itself on you as an artist are getting the money you deserve.

Instagrammers around the world can find your music to soundtrack their life on their Instagram Stories, opening your music up to brand new audiences from all corners of the globe. Instagram Stories are massive right now and people are uploading to them all the time and your music could be behind all of them!

Adding your music to Facebook’s content library is as simple as uploading it to any of our other partners. When you upload your release to us simply select Facebook in the store list and then once your release has been accepted we’ll send it over to Facebook and Instagram and get your music worldwide.

All existing releases will be automatically added to Facebook so if you want your old releases on there, we’ve got you covered. HOWEVER this only applies if your release has been approved for YouTube Content ID in the past. If not then it is as simple as heading to your release on your RouteNote account and selecting Facebook as a store and we’ll get that sent over for you.

So don’t wait around, share your music with the world. Billions of people on all of the top music streaming services, the best download stores in the world, and now the biggest social media networks can listen to your music. Best of all, it’s all entirely FREE with RouteNote.

SoundCloud is coming to 6 DJ programs

Get ready to expand your record collection for spinning as SoundCloud are bringing their giant music catalogue into DJ software.

SoundCloud have just announced an upcoming partnership with 6 different DJ programs that will bring their vast catalogue of nearly 200 million tracks into your mix. The partnership will see SoundCloud directly integrate themselves into some of the world’s top DJ software so that you can instantly select and spin any track from SoundCloud.

The six leading DJ applications that SoundCloud will integrate their library into (soon) are:

  • Native Instruments
  • Serato
  • Virtual DJ
  • DEX3
  • Mixvibes
  • DJuced/Hercules

SoundCloud’s giant music library has been built up over the years by creators all over the world uploading their music for the world to hear. Whether it be budding DJs, underground hip-hop artists, garage rock bands, or ambient producers, everyone has a home on the international, open platform meaning their variety of music is unparalleled and independent. With the introduction of their subscription services SoundCloud Go and Go+ in recent years the service has also added a giant library of label tracks that you’d find on traditional streaming services.

SoundCloud are planning to roll out the integrations over the next few months, but have no specific dates or order for when they will release. To access SoundCloud’s library in any of the selected DJ softwares, users will require a SoundCloud Go+ account to access premium content. This week SoundCloud also announced that high quality audio streaming is now available for Go+ subscribers meaning DJs can access an unparalleled music library in the best possible quality.

How much the top music distributors cost compared

At RouteNote we pride ourselves on offering artists the best deal for getting their music out there. With free distribution to all of the top stores and streaming services you can’t find better value. Here’s a comparison of how much other distributors cost so you can see for yourself.


  • Free uploads
  • Keep 85% of all royalties
  • No hidden fees
  • Premium option ($10 – single, £20 – EP, $30 Album)
  • Keep 100% of royalties on Premium
  • Only $9.99 after a year to stay on Premium
  • Sent to stores within 1-2 days
  • Distribute unlimited artists and releases

CD Baby

  • No Free option
  • $9.95 per single
  • $49 per album
  • 9% of royalties after you pay
  • Sent to stores in 1-4 weeks


  • No Free option
  • $9.99 per single
  • $29.99 per album
  • Charges for new outlets
  • Sent to stores in 1-4 weeks


  • No Free option
  • $19.99 a year for basic package
  • Hidden fees for certain stores
  • Sent to stores in 1-2 days

Ditto Music

  • No Free option
  • $19 a year for 1 artist
  • Vastly more expensive the more artists you distribute
  • Sent to stores in 1-2 days


  • No Free option
  • $19.95 a month
  • Sent to stores in 1-2 days

There are lots of reasons to choose RouteNote, not just because we’re the best value for money when it comes to getting your music out there. You can find out more at or why not drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always happy to chat and ensure that you have the best experience possible.

How to promote your music and gain listeners

When the time has finally come after finding inspiration, writing, recording, mixing, mastering and you can finally press export – what comes next? There’s lots of ways to push your music to the world and get it heard far and wide.

Get Social

Being social with your music is the best way to connect with people, share your music, and create bonds. In music, being social manifests itself in many ways and making use of all of them is the best way to create awareness of your music, create valuable connections and reach new fans.

Social Media

Nearly everyone in the world is online these days. Whether they’re sharing their music online, shopping for gifts, or talking to friends, the internet has gotten us all connected – all the time. As an artist social media is your window to a world of people!

Creating a Facebook page for your band or artist is the biggest step. It creates a hub where fans can come to show their support and keep up to date with your new releases, tour dates, and any info you want to share with them. Make sure to update your page regularly to keep your fans engaged and updated, This gives you the best chance at visibility and engagement.

Beyond Facebook there’s Twitter which is a great way to start conversations with people and find new fans using hashtags. It’s a much more open platform than Facebook as anyone can find you and see you based on your tweets and people’s interactions with them.

Both Twitter and Facebook offer paid promotion where you can push certain posts to people who might like your stuff for as little as a few dollars.

Make Friends

The power of connections applies to all industries but in the music industry making connections is a lot more special and can be the most valuable thing you do for your music.

Make friends with anyone you can: other bands and artists, promoters, venue owners, producers, managers, and anyone who is involved with music in some way. You never know who might give you your next gig or who might push your music to the right person that it gets airplay or label consideration.

Connections in the industry are give and take, so be friendly and help others when you can. Playing gigs with others is also one of the best moves you can make. Every other artist that is at a gig has their own group of fans there, and now they know who you are. Whether you’re offering support to an up-and-comer or you’re getting taken on tour with a bigger artist you made friends with, connections are SO valuable.

Let It Be Heard

Often the hardest part of music after you’ve created it is getting people to actually listen to it. There’s lots of ways to reach entirely new audiences with your music.

Get Online

We already talked about the wonders of the internet for socialising, but it’s also transformed the way we consume music around the world. Nearly all of the music ever released is now available in our homes, in our pockets and wherever we are. Thanks to music streaming there are no barriers to finding new artists.

With music streaming listeners can discover you and listen without having to make the investment of purchasing it in advance. Whilst this can mean less revenue immediately it means that anyone has a chance to listen to you and become a fan. This enhanced discovery leads to album sales, merchandise purchasing, ticket sales and more. It gives everyone around the world a chance to find you and fall in love with your music. They can still buy and own your music digitally with download stores like iTunes and Amazon MP3.

At RouteNote, we’ve opened the doors for artists by providing 100% FREE distribution to all of the world’s top music streaming services and stores like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, and many many more. Sign up for free at

Share the Love

Once your music is online for people to listen to you need to spread it around so that people are aware of it. The obvious place to share it is on your nice and active social profiles from earlier, but there are more places to put your music to get heard.

Music influencers hold a lot of power in the music that makes and breaks it. Influencers used to come in the form of radio DJs and label executives but as the platforms have changed so have the people aiding them. Streaming playlists have become a massive source of recognition, with millions of people subscribed to Spotify’s top playlists which they update every week with new music for all of those people to discover.

Spotify recently updated their Spotify for Artists platform to allow you to pitch your music to be added into their playlists. Upload an unreleased track and their playlist curators will take a listen and decide whether they want to include it in one of their massive playlists. Playlists have been the breakout for many small artists who suddenly have millions of listeners aware of their music so don’t miss out on your chances.

Beyond streaming services there are lots of independent blogs that feature music in a variety of ways. For example the Fresh On The Net blog created by BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Tom Robinson. Their curators listen through to roughly 200 tracks sent to them every week and selects their favourite 25 to push on the blog. They then allow listeners to come and hear them and vote for the ones they like the best. The curators pick their favourites and feature them in a separate post. Tom Robinson also often picks tracks that stand out to him for radio play. This is just one of many blogs like this!

Got any great tips for getting your music heard by the world that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below and help a fellow artist out!

Spotify’s EQL initiative boosts emerging women in the music industry

Spotify have teamed up with Berklee College of Music and Electric Lady Studios to help open the door for new female producers and engineers in the music industry.

Starting in October Spotify will begin their EQL Studio Residency which will provide paid opportunities to gain unparalleled experience in the music industry for women. With the help of some of the world’s greatest musical institutions Spotify are hoping to help strengthen the next wave of women in the music industry whilst shining a light on all of the incredible work women are already doing in music.

EQL Studio Residency will offer 6 month residencies in New York and Nashville where the selected, lucky applicants will work in Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios. A third participant will be chosen to work in New York where they will split their time between the renowned Electric Lady Studios and the New York Spotify Studios. Three winning participants will each take residence in one of the 3 cities where they will work hands-on in studios and gain access to invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities to further their careers.

Lee Foster, partner and general manager at Electric Lady Studios, says: “Electric Lady is thrilled to partner with Spotify’s EQL Studio Residency alongside Berklee College of Music in encouragement of more women in audio production. We are stron supporters of this movement and look forward to meeting the next generation of women engineers and producers.”

Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios are Spotify’s hub for working with up-and-coming, emerging songwriters and producers to create unique promotional and recording opportunities. Electric Lady is a famed studio in Greenwich Village that was built by Jimi Hendrix and designed by John Storyk in 1970.

Spotify’s director of cultural impact, Kerry Steib says: “Women are underrepresented as artists, songwriters, engineers and producers. We have to use our resources to create opportunities to address this, and do it with great partners across the industry. This is just the beginning.”

Dara Hanley, Dean of the professional education division at Berklee, says: “This exciting collaboration recognises the many contributions women make in the music industry. We are happy to support and mentor the recipients of the EQL Studio Residency and look forward to sharing our expertise and many decades of combines experience across all corners of the industry with them.”

If you’re interested you can apply until 5PM EST on August 24th: Nashville New York / London