SoundCloud is coming to 6 DJ programs

Get ready to expand your record collection for spinning as SoundCloud are bringing their giant music catalogue into DJ software.

SoundCloud have just announced an upcoming partnership with 6 different DJ programs that will bring their vast catalogue of nearly 200 million tracks into your mix. The partnership will see SoundCloud directly integrate themselves into some of the world’s top DJ software so that you can instantly select and spin any track from SoundCloud.

The six leading DJ applications that SoundCloud will integrate their library into (soon) are:

  • Native Instruments
  • Serato
  • Virtual DJ
  • DEX3
  • Mixvibes
  • DJuced/Hercules

SoundCloud’s giant music library has been built up over the years by creators all over the world uploading their music for the world to hear. Whether it be budding DJs, underground hip-hop artists, garage rock bands, or ambient producers, everyone has a home on the international, open platform meaning their variety of music is unparalleled and independent. With the introduction of their subscription services SoundCloud Go and Go+ in recent years the service has also added a giant library of label tracks that you’d find on traditional streaming services.

SoundCloud are planning to roll out the integrations over the next few months, but have no specific dates or order for when they will release. To access SoundCloud’s library in any of the selected DJ softwares, users will require a SoundCloud Go+ account to access premium content. This week SoundCloud also announced that high quality audio streaming is now available for Go+ subscribers meaning DJs can access an unparalleled music library in the best possible quality.

How much the top music distributors cost compared

At RouteNote we pride ourselves on offering artists the best deal for getting their music out there. With free distribution to all of the top stores and streaming services you can’t find better value. Here’s a comparison of how much other distributors cost so you can see for yourself.


  • Free uploads
  • Keep 85% of all royalties
  • No hidden fees
  • Premium option ($10 – single, £20 – EP, $30 Album)
  • Keep 100% of royalties on Premium
  • Only $9.99 after a year to stay on Premium
  • Sent to stores within 1-2 days
  • Distribute unlimited artists and releases

CD Baby

  • No Free option
  • $9.95 per single
  • $49 per album
  • 9% of royalties after you pay
  • Sent to stores in 1-4 weeks


  • No Free option
  • $9.99 per single
  • $29.99 per album
  • Charges for new outlets
  • Sent to stores in 1-4 weeks


  • No Free option
  • $19.99 a year for basic package
  • Hidden fees for certain stores
  • Sent to stores in 1-2 days

Ditto Music

  • No Free option
  • $19 a year for 1 artist
  • Vastly more expensive the more artists you distribute
  • Sent to stores in 1-2 days


  • No Free option
  • $19.95 a month
  • Sent to stores in 1-2 days

There are lots of reasons to choose RouteNote, not just because we’re the best value for money when it comes to getting your music out there. You can find out more at or why not drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always happy to chat and ensure that you have the best experience possible.

How to promote your music and gain listeners

When the time has finally come after finding inspiration, writing, recording, mixing, mastering and you can finally press export – what comes next? There’s lots of ways to push your music to the world and get it heard far and wide.

Get Social

Being social with your music is the best way to connect with people, share your music, and create bonds. In music, being social manifests itself in many ways and making use of all of them is the best way to create awareness of your music, create valuable connections and reach new fans.

Social Media

Nearly everyone in the world is online these days. Whether they’re sharing their music online, shopping for gifts, or talking to friends, the internet has gotten us all connected – all the time. As an artist social media is your window to a world of people!

Creating a Facebook page for your band or artist is the biggest step. It creates a hub where fans can come to show their support and keep up to date with your new releases, tour dates, and any info you want to share with them. Make sure to update your page regularly to keep your fans engaged and updated, This gives you the best chance at visibility and engagement.

Beyond Facebook there’s Twitter which is a great way to start conversations with people and find new fans using hashtags. It’s a much more open platform than Facebook as anyone can find you and see you based on your tweets and people’s interactions with them.

Both Twitter and Facebook offer paid promotion where you can push certain posts to people who might like your stuff for as little as a few dollars.

Make Friends

The power of connections applies to all industries but in the music industry making connections is a lot more special and can be the most valuable thing you do for your music.

Make friends with anyone you can: other bands and artists, promoters, venue owners, producers, managers, and anyone who is involved with music in some way. You never know who might give you your next gig or who might push your music to the right person that it gets airplay or label consideration.

Connections in the industry are give and take, so be friendly and help others when you can. Playing gigs with others is also one of the best moves you can make. Every other artist that is at a gig has their own group of fans there, and now they know who you are. Whether you’re offering support to an up-and-comer or you’re getting taken on tour with a bigger artist you made friends with, connections are SO valuable.

Let It Be Heard

Often the hardest part of music after you’ve created it is getting people to actually listen to it. There’s lots of ways to reach entirely new audiences with your music.

Get Online

We already talked about the wonders of the internet for socialising, but it’s also transformed the way we consume music around the world. Nearly all of the music ever released is now available in our homes, in our pockets and wherever we are. Thanks to music streaming there are no barriers to finding new artists.

With music streaming listeners can discover you and listen without having to make the investment of purchasing it in advance. Whilst this can mean less revenue immediately it means that anyone has a chance to listen to you and become a fan. This enhanced discovery leads to album sales, merchandise purchasing, ticket sales and more. It gives everyone around the world a chance to find you and fall in love with your music. They can still buy and own your music digitally with download stores like iTunes and Amazon MP3.

At RouteNote, we’ve opened the doors for artists by providing 100% FREE distribution to all of the world’s top music streaming services and stores like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, and many many more. Sign up for free at

Share the Love

Once your music is online for people to listen to you need to spread it around so that people are aware of it. The obvious place to share it is on your nice and active social profiles from earlier, but there are more places to put your music to get heard.

Music influencers hold a lot of power in the music that makes and breaks it. Influencers used to come in the form of radio DJs and label executives but as the platforms have changed so have the people aiding them. Streaming playlists have become a massive source of recognition, with millions of people subscribed to Spotify’s top playlists which they update every week with new music for all of those people to discover.

Spotify recently updated their Spotify for Artists platform to allow you to pitch your music to be added into their playlists. Upload an unreleased track and their playlist curators will take a listen and decide whether they want to include it in one of their massive playlists. Playlists have been the breakout for many small artists who suddenly have millions of listeners aware of their music so don’t miss out on your chances.

Beyond streaming services there are lots of independent blogs that feature music in a variety of ways. For example the Fresh On The Net blog created by BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Tom Robinson. Their curators listen through to roughly 200 tracks sent to them every week and selects their favourite 25 to push on the blog. They then allow listeners to come and hear them and vote for the ones they like the best. The curators pick their favourites and feature them in a separate post. Tom Robinson also often picks tracks that stand out to him for radio play. This is just one of many blogs like this!

Got any great tips for getting your music heard by the world that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below and help a fellow artist out!

Spotify’s EQL initiative boosts emerging women in the music industry

Spotify have teamed up with Berklee College of Music and Electric Lady Studios to help open the door for new female producers and engineers in the music industry.

Starting in October Spotify will begin their EQL Studio Residency which will provide paid opportunities to gain unparalleled experience in the music industry for women. With the help of some of the world’s greatest musical institutions Spotify are hoping to help strengthen the next wave of women in the music industry whilst shining a light on all of the incredible work women are already doing in music.

EQL Studio Residency will offer 6 month residencies in New York and Nashville where the selected, lucky applicants will work in Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios. A third participant will be chosen to work in New York where they will split their time between the renowned Electric Lady Studios and the New York Spotify Studios. Three winning participants will each take residence in one of the 3 cities where they will work hands-on in studios and gain access to invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities to further their careers.

Lee Foster, partner and general manager at Electric Lady Studios, says: “Electric Lady is thrilled to partner with Spotify’s EQL Studio Residency alongside Berklee College of Music in encouragement of more women in audio production. We are stron supporters of this movement and look forward to meeting the next generation of women engineers and producers.”

Spotify’s Secret Genius Studios are Spotify’s hub for working with up-and-coming, emerging songwriters and producers to create unique promotional and recording opportunities. Electric Lady is a famed studio in Greenwich Village that was built by Jimi Hendrix and designed by John Storyk in 1970.

Spotify’s director of cultural impact, Kerry Steib says: “Women are underrepresented as artists, songwriters, engineers and producers. We have to use our resources to create opportunities to address this, and do it with great partners across the industry. This is just the beginning.”

Dara Hanley, Dean of the professional education division at Berklee, says: “This exciting collaboration recognises the many contributions women make in the music industry. We are happy to support and mentor the recipients of the EQL Studio Residency and look forward to sharing our expertise and many decades of combines experience across all corners of the industry with them.”

If you’re interested you can apply until 5PM EST on August 24th: Nashville New York / London

Artists upload FLAC FREE to top streaming services and stores on RouteNote

Break the boundaries and send your music out into the world in it’s finest possible form, with free FLAC uploads to the top stores and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and many more.

We are taking away the restrictions for high quality music uploads and making FLAC uploads to the biggest services absolutely free. Uploading in high quality FLAC has until now been reserved for Premium releases but we felt that all of our users deserve to give their listeners the finest possible experience of their music.

We want to set your music free of constrictions and give the world the best possible experience of your work. As well as making FLAC uploads free for everyone we have upgraded our upload tool so that the minimum bits per sample for MP3 is 320kbps. This improves the quality for you and also makes it more likely that your music will spread through our partners onto the full Asian music market.

With these exciting new updates comes a sleek new look for our upload tool which makes getting your music onto the world’s biggest streaming services and download stores a breeze. We have also fixed a bunch of bugs that could occur during upload to assure you have the smoothest experience getting your music out into the world.


RouteNote Free FLAC upload music distribution digital online

RouteNote Free FLAC upload music distribution digital online

We love bringing new opportunities to artists and free FLAC uploads is something we’ve been very excited to reveal to you. We hope you love this as much as we do and we can’t wait to hear your high quality music, now on Free Distribution.

Routenote partners stores distribution independent music indie sell online streaming spotify QQ kanjian apple itunes

Tropical Pressure brings world culture back to Cornwall for a beautiful weekend

Cornwall’s greatest celebration of cultures around the world just celebrated it’s 5th year bringing together magical music from around the world, beautiful tropical decorations, delicious food, and wonderful people for an atmosphere that can’t be beaten at any other festivals.

I’ve just returned from another fantastic year at Tropical Pressure, a unique festival that takes place each year in the stunning countryside of Cornwall and never ceases to amaze me with it’s beauty and pure joy.
Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities
Atop a hill the festival lights the surrounding valleys with it’s colour and the sea provides a perfect backdrop for the sunset each night as the main stage plays host to a variety of talented acts who have flown in to join the celebration of culture, music and pure happiness.

The festival highlights a different culture for each of it’s three days featuring a Latin American day, a Caribbean day, and an African day. Musicians from around the world come to represent each culture on the gorgeous main stage and above that is the amphitheatre stage where you can get a more personal experience with live acts throughout the day.

Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities

The day is filled with fun activities for everyone with crafty sessions: this year, including floral headdress making and smashing flowers with rocks into paper for a fun flower-pressing session. There’s a whole activity area for kids where they can play with homemade instruments, take part in workshops and learn about other cultures. It’s totally family friendly at the festival and is the perfect introduction for children to a festival experience.



Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities

The fun doesn’t stop at the music though. The festival is filled with a variety of amazing food stalls and chefs providing top quality food from all corners of the globe. Taking place at an Ecological Park the food is entirely vegetarian and a lot of it is vegan or available as a vegan option. The quantity and range of delicious foods means you will have no shortage of choice and the varied selection will likely leave you wishing there were more days just so you had a chance to try it all!

The festival is a unique experience with an atmosphere and community that is rare to find in contemporary festivals. A combination of the amazing countryside and incredible management of the Eco Park’s founder, creator and runner Tim who brings together so many amazing people for a weekend of pure joy.

Tropical Pressure Cornwall Cornish festival music live festie festy cultures caribbean african latin american africa america food festivities

This year topped my first experience of Tropical Pressure thanks to an expanded site with the renovated barn Fandangos open to party late into the night with an extra room this year and beautiful psychedelic decorations of jellyfish and projections. Whilst every year at Tropical Pressure is a sunny affair, this year the sun was roaring all weekend lighting the festival up with the sunny vibes that Tropical Pressure invokes.

Me and many others of the RouteNote team can’t wait to return next year for another un-matchable weekend filled with the loveliest people and the most brilliant acts from around the world. Until then we will definitely be visiting the Eco Park for many of it’s variety of year-round events.

Find out about future events and the Mount Pleasant Eco Park itself here:

Independent music is thriving on Spotify and major labels aren’t happy

Thanks to the blossoming and booming world of digital music the playing field has been levelled for artists around the world and major labels are losing their power.

A new report shows that major labels are feeling fobbed off by Spotify as they prioritise more and more independent artists for playlist features. The report from Deutsche Bank says that major labels don’t feel they are getting enough access to Spotify’s massive playlists which bring in billions of plays each week.

Whilst the major labels may be upset we think it’s fantastic news that Spotify are supporting independent artists and their rise considering they have far less opportunities than big, funded labels. We have seen a whole load of the artists who use our website to get their music online independently get featured in some of Spotify’s massive playlists and it represents a major shift in the music industry.

We spoke to Borrtex, a self-made artist who uses RouteNote to get his music on to the world’s top services. His recent track went from thousands of plays from his dedicated fans to hundreds-of-thousands within weeks after Spotify picked up his tune and added it to their sleep playlist with 2.2 million followers and new listeners were presented his music.

Borrtex artist streaming success Spotify playlist growth new listeners streams
Borrtex’s streams exploded after Spotify picked up his track

Playlists are becoming the new radio stations where millions of people will come to a trusted source, whether that be Spotify curators or music influencers, to find the freshest and best music. The difference is, radio was often influenced by the labels who would pay to feature their newest tracks. Spotify decides who they want to feature, and they’ve been massively supportive of independent artists – featuring undiscovered and rising acts.

Deutsche Bank’s report cites an unnamed “25-year music industry veteran, who sat with the analysts and tried to help them understand Spotify’s economic position”. They quoted the source as saying: “Algotorial playlists on Spotify have a lower share of major label content. As this grows in the listening mix the major labels stand to marginally lose share. Our featured speaker noted this as a major thorn in labels’ sides.”

Spotify is providing an amazing platform for independent artists to be heard around the world thanks to the openness of the internet. Their promotion of smaller artists is creating amazing opportunities for so many and finally taking the hierarchy out of music represented by the major labels’ longstanding grip over the industry.

75% of music is streamed on services like Spotify and it’s only getting bigger

In the space of a few years CDs have moved to the rear-view mirror and the world is streaming music online, streaming like crazy.

Music streaming is the popular way for people to listen to music all around the world and it has been for years now. In 2016 a report revealed that 50% of music was listened to by streaming it online, and now 2 years later that percentage has shot up by a half to 75%.

Nielsen’s Mid-Year Music Report revealed the figures as the music industry hit’s a record height for revenues since 15 years ago in what they’re calling a music “growth spurt”. According to their report, On-demand music streaming is up a massive 45% with 268 billion songs streamed so far this year. On-demand video streaming also counted towards the figures, for example music videos on YouTube, which is seeing a similarly impressive 35% growth so far in 2018.

So far this year American’s have streamed 403 billion songs across all streaming platform. That’s for only 6 months, and in 2015 Americans streamed almost 100 billion less songs for the whole year. Additionally, in 2015 music streaming accounted for half of the US music revenue meaning that the impact of music streaming is massive on the increasingly booming industry.

Nielsen music report streaming video songs stream

In many places around the world music streaming services are now the place people go to when they want to listen to music. CDs are dying however the physical music market isn’t being wiped out in a disc-shaped genocide as vinyl record sales have been incrementally rising year-on-year as people retain the physical satisfaction side of music with the most romantic listening format.

Are you 13-15 and play the drums? Yamaha have an amazing competition for you

Yamaha have just started accepting entries to their 2018 #FUTUREBEAT competition to find the best young drummers and give them a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Yamaha are on the search to find the next generation’s John Bonham with their #FUTUREBEAT competition. The competition is open to drummers aged between 13-15 years and the overall winner will earn a Yamaha Tour Custom series drum kit and perform at the London Drum Show this year thanks to Yamaha’s new partnership with Rhythm Magazine.

To enter it’s as simple as filming yourself playing drums, preferably something that shows of your talent and unique chops, and upload it somewhere online. Then send an email with a link to the video to your nearest participating location in the UK from the following:

  • Glasgow,
  • Washington, Tyne & Wear,
  • Manchester,
  • Birmingham,
  • Cardiff,
  • Fareham, Hampshire,
  • Romford, London,
  • Colchester, Essex,

64 drummers will be selected from all the entries to play 2 songs in front of friends, family and the public at one of #FUTUREBEAT’s regional finals. The regional winners will win a Yamaha snare drum and a position to compete in the grand final which will be held at Yamaha’s Music UK Headquarters in Milton Keynes.

The grand finalists will get personal mentoring sessions with some of the top professional drummers from around the country. The grand finalists will perform with a professional band of front of an “eminent judging panel” who will decide which drummer has earned the top position in #FUTUREBEAT 2018.

The closing date for entries is the 26th August, 11:59 PM Western European Time (UTC). To enter for your region click a link to see the email address for your closest location:

RouteNote team’s Songs for the Summer 2018

All of us who work at RouteNote love music and the beauty of it is that everyone’s tastes are different. Some of the team came together to share their favourite songs that get them ready to run to the sun, lay on the beach, crack open a cold one, and enjoy the Summer Season. Here’s the Routenote team’s sound for the Summer.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Mac DeMarco – One Another

Who else but big Mac! Video says it all, just treat life with one big laugh and keep smiling in the sunshine. Roll on down to that beach and turn up this absolute peach.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

L I P S – Apartment

This is truly my favourite track of the year so far, in my opinion it is the musical embodiment of pure bliss. Both nostalgic yet inspirationally eye opening, it will take you back to dreamy times once forgotten while leaving you wanting to delve further into the shoe-gazey/dream-pop pit and see what other gems are hiding in the cracks. Although these guys are fairly new kids on the block, i feel that they have a long and fruitful journey ahead of them, keep your eyes firmly peeled for L I P S.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Loathe – Servant and Master

I chose Servant and Master by Loathe – they’re one of the greatest up-and-coming metal bands in the UK and write some of the most brutal and intense riffs i’ve ever heard. Also it makes you do that horrible face.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Drinks – In the Night Kitchen

I discovered Drinks earlier this year when their new album Hippo Lite released and featured in, I think, The Guardian. I’m never sure what it is that draws me in to listen to a new album but something about this one looked right to me. I listened from start to finish in awe. The beautiful melancholy of this track takes me to a place where dark and light can co-exist and subterranean rhythms keep the world turning.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Tiquie River / Japura River – Philip Glass & Uakti

I like this song-combo in the summer because it has pipes in it and in the summer I love ridin’ sick tubes-n-pipes.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Neffex – Chance

Heard this song few months back in my quest for finding new music. Great tune to get some motivation and drive in your life. Drive yourself to greatness use music as motivation.  This is my summer song. Enjoy it just like I still am.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

The Mars Volta – Viscera Eyes

The Summer Season’s here again but I sit Mystified
The Shining Sun had bought an Obligation to Provide
A Song considered Suitable to Satisfy the Blog
But I’m afraid the Exercise turned out to be a Slog
There had to be a Melody and it had to be Blast.
An Anthem of Adventure that spoke of Summer’s Past.
But I can’t invoke the Beaches Buried under Summer Skies.
So screw it here’s Mars Volta with their song Viscera Eyes.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Open Mike Eagle – 95 Radios

“Brick Body Kids Still Daydream” came out in September of last year and I didn’t hear it until around Christmas. For the most part it’s a harsh, tough, challenging album, but there’s a few tracks on it that sounded like summer, even when first listening to it in the middle of winter. “95 Radios”  is a lovely, chill track that’s nostalgic for relaxed days with old friends, and it suits hot lazy summer evenings perfectly.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

alt-j – Deadcrush (Ben de Vries Remix)

This track is the top bananas, the highest mangoes, the prime kiwi, that juicy fruit that goes in your Pimms. Its deliciously refreshing in every way.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Lianne La Havas – Midnight

Lianne La Havas is a massively cool lady with great vibes and smiles all around. This is an absolute tuuune for driving and singing along in the sun or chilling at the beach – 10/10 would recommend to a friend 👌


RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Portishead – Strangers

Dummy is an album that will pacify you in the summer heat, the heat that makes you dumb. Did you realise, no one can see inside your view?

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Joan Armatrading – This is Not That

It’s an uplifting but refreshingly honest track. For me it’s some kind of self acceptance, feeling however you want regardless of the expectation or social norm and being cool with that.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Thirdstory – Over (When We Said Goodbye)

This track comes from one of my favourite groups, it’s smooth and full of soul. Perfect for a chill summer drive, a barbie with friends or a romantic night in with your other half. I really hope you enjoy this track and spread the love.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Metronomy – The Look

I kept hearing this track around and not knowing who it was, then i heard it at the queens of the stone age gig at the Eden Project in St Austell and thought they must like it too!That’s cool :slightly_smiling_face: That was also an amazing gig with amazing atmosphere. Then I heard it on the radio on the way back and it quickly became the theme to my week! Its like the best kind of cheese mixed with summer fun in the sun!

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

The Knife – Pass This On

Choosing a single track from ‘Deep Cuts’ by The Knife was a difficult task. On an album with ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘You Take My Breath Away’, choosing a track with steel drums at the forefront may seem odd, but basically, it’s a club banger…

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty

Courtney makes me happier than a bowl of sunshine on a rainy day. She is a cereal killer hit maker and her record label Milk Records always deliver crunchy delights.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Grouch in Dub – Focal 101 (feat. Dub Princess)

This track is one of my recent favourites. This is one great track from an amazing album.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Cindytalk – It’s Luxury

Beaches, babes and beers.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Neurodriver – Red Sky

Just sums up summer for me. Drink in my hand on a festival dancefloor throwing some shapes haha!

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Galantis – Peanut Butter Jelly

I wanted to pick a song that has nothing going for it other than a good ole’ ridiculous nonsensical fun. That has no agenda about it and represents music being fun for the sake of fun, because that is the attitude you should use whilst your are making your music. Miles away from actually being a Galantis fan, I do feel as if this pick is an example of music doing what it should be doing, for me anyway. Fun music with no hidden messages, stuff that’ll make a party more silly, loosen you up and be ridiculous, pull no punches and and just make you move. My playlists are full of cringe worthy bubble-gum pop like this and I am not ashamed to admit it.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Pnau – Changa

Just cause it’s well fun!

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Chinese Man – Shikantaza

This song reminds me of drinking gin in the sun, getting weird and trying to dance like the badger in the video.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Honne – Me & You

#Summervibes #Swag

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Hunnybee

Recently discovered these guys but this song in particular is definitely gonna get lots of repeats this summer. Super chill, super vibey.

RouteNote songs of the summer soundtrack sunny sun music chill good feelings vibes vibrations

George Fitzgerald – Burns 

I’ve always admired how Fitzgerald manages to develop such emotion and tension in his music, this track being a perfect example.