Apple Launches Apple Music in China: Music Streaming Enters Uncharted Territory

Apple has announced they will be launching Apple Music, iTunes Movies & iBooks in China Today!

This is a very big move for Apple and the entire music streaming market in China, which is currently dominated by Netease Music (free music service with over 100 million users and growing fast).

Starting on September 30, music fans in China are invited to a three-month trial membership of Apple Music, after which a 10 RMB/month ($1.58 or £1.04 approx) subscription fee will apply. There will also be a family plan providing service for up to six family members available for just 15 RMB/month.

RouteNote Artists: If your music is already on Apple Music worldwide then it will be automatically available in Apple Music China.

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Should You Move From Zimbalam to RouteNote?

Zimbalam, the digital music distributor, has angered artists recently when parent company ‘Believe Digital’ bought TuneCore, a rival digital music distributor. Believe Digital’s steps to integrate the two have been controversial to say the least as they’re forcing Zimbalam artists to move to a service that charges yearly (Zimbalam didn’t) and making artists remove their releases from stores before Zimbalam do themselves, erasing reviews, ratings, play counts and removing artists from playlists.

If you were thinking of changing distributor we want to show you how easy it is to sign up to RouteNote and why you should.

At RouteNote we offer two models for distribution: Our free model and our premium model. Any user can choose which model they want to use and can switch between them at any time.

With our free model you can upload your music to us at no charge, decide what stores you want to put it on and you will receive 85% of the royalties

RouteNote’s premium model is for artists with established fanbases and allows user to upload their release at a charge (separate prices for single, EP, album and extended album as seen in table above) which users will then recieve 100% of royalties from with a yearly cost of $9.99.

RouteNote also has a large SoundCloud network with which you can monetise your tracks, upgrade to Pro-Unlimited accounts for free, keep 100% ownership and more. We also have a constantly expanding YouTube network which you can receive higher monetisation, video promotion, access to 450,000 RouteNote tracks and more.

RouteNote is also integrated with Landr, the audio mastering software, so you can choose to use their technology to master your tracks during upload for free (TuneCore charge $9.99 a track).

To sign up to RouteNote just go to and fill in your details. Once you have an account you can upload your releases to any and all of our store partners. It’s as easy as that.

RouteNote Partner With LANDR Mastering Software

RouteNote News

We are excited to announce that RouteNote has partnered with LANDR, the online audio mastering tool that will now allow users to access professional audio mastering software for free when uploading a track(s) to RouteNote.

Users of RouteNote are now able to master as many tracks as they like while uploading using the upload tool. All tracks that you master through RouteNote will then be permanently stored in the new “Mastering History” section of your account. You will also be able to access the LANDR tool directly from the tools page.

LANDR is software that uses algorithms to master your tracks to a professional quality without any human interjection. LANDR has been (and is still being) refined over 8 years of university research with the team at LANDR featuring award-winning mixing engineers, top-level DSP programmers, musicians, producers, label owners and even a resident astrophysicist!

LANDR is already a uniquely intelligent and surprisingly high quality system but it is constantly learning and evolving using it’s adaptive engine to listen and react to music using micro-genre detection to make frame-by-frame adjustments using tools such as multi-band compression, EQ, stereo enhancement, limiting and aural excitation.

Sign into and upload a track or head to the tools page to access LANDR and hear your tracks professionally mastered.

YouTube’s New Transparent Web Player Interface

YouTube has just introduced it’s new user interface for it’s web player on videos which replaces the black bar at the bottom of videos which contained the video controls.

The new UI is much the same except the controls are set on a transparent bar with the bottom of the video playing behind and also feature new animations for the buttons.

This update joins the host of changes YouTube has been rolling out to it’s website and app over the past few months with the integration of “3D Virtual Reality” videos, improved vertical video viewing and upgraded layout for mobile applications all being recently introduced.

It will be interesting to see whether YouTube has any additional updates/upgrades planned in the near future. For now you can see an example of the new transparent player in YouTube’s announcement tweet below.

Apple Music Features Review and What to Expect

Apple Music, the new music streaming service from Apple, is set to release later today, so what can we expect from it?

Of course the main feature of Apple Music will be the more than 30 million tracks they have on offer to stream and take offline with you. Apple plan to continue adding to their music library with tens of thousands of additions each day and the promise of a greater emphasis on indie artists from Apple.

On top of all the tracks Apple have to offer you can also access your personal iTunes library through the iCloud with what is essentially iTunes Match integrated into the new service. These can all be accessed in the “My Music” section where your iTunes collection and streaming catalog are stored and can be played including any playlists you have created or saved.

Now this is all fairly standard for a music streaming service but Apple has a few new tricks up it’s sleeve to entice you into it’s new service.

The first new feature is Apple’s curated playlists which provides playlists based on your listening and your previously purchased music. What sets Apple’s playlists apart from other services recommendations is that they are actually curated by 300 human editors and don’t rely solely on computer algorithms. All these suggestions and playlists will be under the flattering “For You” section of the app.

"For You" in Apple Music
“For You” in Apple Music

The second big new feature coming with Apple Music is also possibly it’s most ambitious. Beats 1 – a 24-hour radio station launching with Apple Music will feature three famous DJs who will regularly host their own shows as well as a massive selection of artists coming in for guest spots and feature shows. Popular UK radio presenter Zane Lowe will be one of the regular presenters kicking off his Apple Music debut with an interview with Eminem.

Apple’s new app will also come with a “Connect” section in which artists can post photos, videos etc. and their fans can respond to them, like social media dedicated to artists and their fanbases.

As anyone who has used music streaming services will know a large part of their brilliance is the ability to discover music with ease, well in addition to the playlists and recommendations Apple gives you they have a “New” section where you can discover the best new music suggested by curators such as DJs to promote discovery of music. The “New” section will contain music videos, top tracks, lists defined by genre and more. So you won’t run out of music to listen to with Apple Music.

"New" in Apple Music
“New” in Apple Music

Apple Music will cost $9.99 a month, or $15.99 for the family plan which you can add up to 6 people on, and will be available upon release on iPhones, iPads, Macs and even Windows PCs. Apple also plan to make Apple Music available for Android users later this year as well as continuing to add features such as lyrics.