Muzik’s new headphones come with built in Spotify access

Headphone startup Muzik are breaking new ground by integrating Spotify’s music streaming into their headphones so you can stream your favourite music with a touch of a button.

Muzik are breaking onto the headphone scene with the Muzik One, headphones that take technology to the next level. Muzik One’s aren’t like normal headphones, they’re connected to the world in a similar fashion to home speakers like Amazon’s Alexa.

Here’s what Muzik have to say themselves about Muzik One headphones:

Introducing Muzik® One, the world’s most advanced headphone. Program and touch a Hot Key that you personalize to make your life easier and more connected, like a remote controls a TV. Save or share the current track, identify what’s playing, call your mom, hear the news, hear your weather forecast and much more, all with one touch from your headphones.

With an array of hot keys and gesture controls the Muzik One has incredible functionality taking it beyond just a pair of headphones. Just in case you were convinced by all the tech, the Muzik One comes with interchangeable ear cushions with options for on-ear or over-ear cushions so that you can decide what’s best for you.

Worried about losing Apple’s $160 AirPods? An ironic solution is just $10 away

Apple recently announced their AirPods, wireless earphones for $160 a pop that could fit down your sink – an issue that has been solved, sort of.

Apple’s new AirPods haven’t been met with the warmest of responses, with criticisms including it’s large price tag, lack of good reason for needing to be wireless, a design that even Google Glass owners would be embarrassed to wear, and the fact that losing $160 worth of tech has never been easier.

Announced alongside the iPhone 7 last week the AirPods are small and wireless, making it seem like they’ve almost been designed to go missing (can anyone think why that might appeal to Apple…?). A solution was required and a solution has been found, and it’s name is irony.

Well actually it’s name is ‘AirPods Strap’ which is, pretty self-evidently, a strap for your AirPods. Wait… I thought AirPods whole appeal was being wireless? You’d be right in thinking that, but in order to make those $160 wireless earphones secure you can add a wire! No this wire doesn’t plug into your iPhone, they’re still wireless earphones they just have a wire (strap) to save you dropping $160 down a drain hole. Haven’t you always wanted wired, wireless earphones?

Apple AirPods wireless earphones
If you say “Bloody AirPods” 3 times in a dark bathroom this face will appear in the mirror

You can’t blame Spigen, developers of the AirPods Strap and many other Apple accessories, they didn’t create the issue; they just saw the problem that everyone saw Apple has created and provided a remedy. If for whatever reason you want to buy a pair of AirPods the AirPods Strap will be a lifesaver and a must have for anyone who doesn’t consider $160 a reasonable price for a pair of earphones. It defeats the point of the AirPods but what was the point in them anyway?

Maybe I’m wrong and AirPods will usher in a new generation for wireless music listening, but I don’t see it.

If you’re planning on getting some AirPods then you’ll probably want to check out the “compact, lightweight, and extremely durable” AirPod Strap from Spigen. For only $10 you can upgrade the wireless AirPods into a sensible product by adding a wire. Pre-order here.

Streaming with Sonos is better than ever with major app update

Sonos have updated their app to make streaming music through their home speaker systems easier and better than ever before.

Sonos speakers are great and make for one of the best home listening experiences at a price that won’t break the bank. One place Sonos has always fallen behind in though is their apps which never quite achieved the seamless home music experience users want from a WiFi connected, multi-room speaker.

An update to Sonos’ app simplifies the experience more than ever before. Now, if you want to play a song, album, or playlist from the Sonos app you just need to simply tap to play. No more needless excess just to begin streaming to your Sonos speakers, it’s as simple as touching the screen. Sonos will then immediately play whatever comes next in the album, playlist or station rather than making you choose each track in the queue.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t create playlists on the fly like before, Sonos will notify you when a tap will create a new queue so that you can get used to the app’s new playing methods. Sonos also recently revealed that they will be soon making it possible to stream to Sonos directly from music streaming service apps, starting with Spotify next month.


Sonos say that “the way we listen has always evolved alongside technology” which is what prompted them to change how you listen to music on Sonos’ app. In a statement released alongside the update, Sonos said: “We’re listening differently. More and more Sonos listeners are choosing curated radio stations and custom playlists over individual tracks. Less time spent searching for single songs, more time spent filling your home with a continual flow of music.

So in response, we’ve evolved our Sonos App to make this new style of listening as fast and easy as possible. It all adds up to a faster connection between you and your music, designed for the way we listen now. So go ahead – update your Sonos and press play on a brand new playlist and listen out loud.”

Apple’s iPhone 7 might replace Bluetooth on top of headphone jacks

Artist depiction by Effah Hanie

By now you’ve heard that Apple are ditching standard headphone jacks in their new iPhone but they might be replacing Bluetooth as well.

It’s just a few hours until Apple hosts the launch event of the new iPhone 7 and in case people weren’t up in arms about traditional headphone jacks being replaced with a ‘Lightning port’ it seems you might not be able to use your Bluetooth headphones with your shiny new iOS 7 either.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities and notoriously accurate Apple leaker, made a note on some new earphones from Apple called “AirPods”. These are separate from the new Lightning earpods as AirPods are wireless but won’t necessarily use a Bluetooth connection like almost every other pair of wireless ear/headphones.

Apple music headphones earphones
Apple’s new earphones using the “Lightning” input

Kuo said in his note, obtained by AppleInsider, that: “Apple will likely have its own-designed Bluetooth-like communication chip and launch own-brand Bluetooth headphones targeting the high-end market, with Beats positioned in the midrange market.” If the rumours are true it will put Apple in a unique position as the exclusive manufacturer for all compatible ear/headphones both wired and wireless.

Apple’s new “Bluetooth-like” headphones are presumed by Kuo to promote the use of other low-power wireless communications like controlling home accessories or car computers and so on. This is part of Apple’s “higher requirements for power-saving, communication specs and potential rapid growth” that has led to the potential move away from battery-intensive Bluetooth technology.

Kuo reckons that assuming AirPods are real and are coming, Kuo is often correct in his assumptions, Apple won’t bundle the AirPod’s with iPhone 7. Early packaging has suggested that the iPhone 7 will come bundled with lightning earpods, though AirPods may be included with a future iPhone. iPhone 7’s will reportedly also come with a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for the Lightning port so you don’t need to throw away your $1000 Shures just yet.

Leaked images of Roland’s gorgeous TR-909 re-issue + more

Ahead of Roland’s ‘909 day’ some images of their new products have been leaked including the gorgeous contemporary re-imagining of their classic TR-909 drum machine.

Roland’s 909 day, named after their legendarily influential Roland TR-909 drum machine, is just days away and a number of leaks show us a bit of what we can expect from 30+ new products to be revealed. The most exciting release, we would say, is the re-issue of their classic TR-909 which has gotten an updated design for the 21st century.

The TR-09, TR-909’s modern successor, features a new layout whilst remaining faithful to it’s ancestor’s colour theme and general programming styles. One thing fans may be disappointed in is that these are digital re-imaginings and don’t feature real analogue programming but it should be close enough to keep most enticed.

Roland leaks instrument device products 909 day drum machine TR-909

Also being re-issued is Roland’s TB-303 Bassline synth which is also getting a digital reimagining as the TB-03. The TB-03 is a Boutique remake like the TR-09 and so features a new design that tries to stay true to the original look and feel of the machines.

Another leak discovered by, as the others were, is for a new synthesiser packed with an incredible amount of features. The plug-out synthesizer is called System-8 and has an astounding number of dials and buttons. The leak only included a picture and it’s price of $1499, however from the picture we can tell that the synth features 3 Plug-Out buttons for outputting to other synths.

Roland synth synthesiser synthesizer leaked picture

The, so-far,final leak is of a Boutique style vocoder named the Roland Vocoder VP-03. The VP-03 looks to be a peculiar beast featuring a step sequencer and the ability to fit into an optional keyboard. It’s presumed by Gear News to be modelled after Roland’s 10 band VP-330 vocoder which some say was the “best sounding vocoder ever produced”.

Roland vocoder product 909 day leak

For more information, and to see the 30+ new products coming from Roland you will have to wait until Friday for 909 day, appropriately taking place on the 9th of the 9th month. The event, specifically called ‘The Future. Redefined.’ can be live streamed, starting 4:00UTC, from here: