Make any pair of headphones wireless with ‘Jack’ by Podo Labs

We made the West African Black Rhinoceros extinct in 2011 and now our next conquest to wipe from the earth appears to be wired headphones, but there’s a solution.

Apple cause a massive buzz last year when they revealed that their latest iPhone, the iPhone 7, would be ditching the headphone jack. Now as other smartphones and devices are getting rid of the jack input, like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Podo Labs have jumped onto the scene to save all those wired headphones and speaker inputs.

With ‘Jack’ by Podo Labs you can assure your headphones still work with the latest smartphones as it essentially creates a wireless connection to your headphones. The device is as simple as it’s name, just plug your headphones or speakers into the ‘Jack’ and it will connect you to your device wirelessly. So unfortunately you’re still going to have tangly wires but on the upside you can slot it wherever you want, without having to tuck them into your pocket with your phone.

The ‘Jack’ is currently raising money on Kickstarter before fully launching, which it should have no issue with thanks to raising $677,000 so far with a goal of just $20,000. The Jack adapter is available from the Kickstarter page at 28% off for just $29.



Jack is the only adapter that lets you sync headphones and share music wirelessly with a friend. Sync two Jacks with the push of a button and receive audio from the same Bluetooth source.


Receive audio from any Bluetooth source and play it through your headphones, speakers, car, or other audio player.

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled phones (any OS), tablets, computers, and watches.


Use Jack to transmit audio to another Jack (or Bluetooth headphones) from a normal aux output, like your TV or in-flight movie screen.

The device is available in white/gold, black/gunmetal, and navy blue/gold. You can nab yourself a ‘Jack’ by Podo Labs from their Kickstarter now with deliveries expected this June.

Will Apple’s new AirPods ads convince you to actually buy them?

Apple have launched a new ad campaign to promote their questionable new AirPods featuring music from brilliant UK artists; The 1975, Craig David and Lianne La Havas.

The UK has received 3 new adverts for the AirPods uploaded on Apple’s YouTube channel for the United Kingdom. The ads feature music notated by AirPods scrolling across the screen, styled to fit a theme relating to the artist and might make you forget about how ridiculous the AirPods are long enough to buy a pair.

The ads, named simply ‘Notes’ debuted in the US last month alongside an ad campaign for Apple Watches. The 3 ads each feature a snippet of songs by The 1975, Craig David and Lianne La Havas with the AirPod’s teardrop shape making up a notated piece of music on a musical staff, kind of. Whilst the notes may be accurate I don’t think they’re trying to teach anyone how to play 15 seconds of a song.

You can watch the ads below featuring ‘Heart Out’ by The 1975, ‘Green & Gold’ by Lianne La Havas, and ‘When the Bassline Drops’ by Craig David:

These new ads appear to be part of a regional campaign Apple are undertaking, with focussed ads targeted at specific audiences. A report from earlier this week suggests that Apple have recently cut their marketing budget to try the new strategy.

As Apple continue to promote their AirPods before their launch, which has been delayed twice, the controversy surrounding them seems to have died down. So I thought I’d just help to remind everyone that these “wireless earphones” cost $160, make you look daft and are incredibly good at slipping down small spaces.

In the wake of the ridiculous products announcement a bunch of third-party companies found ways to make AirPods useable like an earring with a basket to catch them when they fall out of your ear, and a wire to secure your, uhh…. wireless earphones.

The evolving digital Sensus Smart Guitar just received $220k in funding

Sensus Smart Guitar is a mindblowing blend of the instrument we know and love and incredible new sounds and capabilities using digital effects.

From the genius minds at Swedish music tech developers at Mind Music Labs, the Sensus Smart Guitar is an innovative new instrument that transforms guitar playing completely. Following a long run of praise and awards last year the company have received a giant $220,000 investment to develop the technology further and find a way to bring it to the masses.

The Sensus guitar features a typical six string guitar setup which you can play completely naturally, but it’s beyond that where the Sensus becomes fun. The guitar features numerous touch pads on it’s body and up the neck, each allowing you to manipulate sounds and effects in different ways for a completely unique way of playing the guitar and creating music. With the amount of customisation available through all of the touch pads you can create sounds that are nothing like a guitar.

After winning an award at the Midemlab startup awards last year, Midem said: “Mind [Music Labs] develops connected instruments that boost the way musicians express themselves. Mind’s Sensus is the world’s first Smart Guitar: it’s a guitar, a wireless music system and Internet of Things device. It plays like a guitar, but it’s technology evolves what you can do.”

Mind Music Labs CEO, Michele Benincaso said: “Today there are many incredible evolutions happening in music and technology; from VR and AR to interactive performances – but everything is still happening off stage. While on stage, musicians are still using technologies from the 50s. We strongly believe that evolving musical instruments and allowing musicians to seamlessly interact with each other and with their audiences is the key to the next real revolution in the industry.”

The Sensus Smart Guitar is really an instrument that needs to be seen to be understood, so check it out in the video below.

Truly feel the bass in your music with Basslet, a subwoofer for your wrist

No matter how good your headphones are sometimes the listening experience just isn’t enough, but with Basslet you can feel the bass pulse through your body.

Basslet is a new wearable from Lofelt that uses an in-built subwoofer to deliver beats and pulses through your body to enhance your music listening experience. Imagine the feeling you get at a big concert or club where the bass resonates through your body and creates a rhythm of feeling on top of the music you’re hearing – that is the experience you get with Basslet, anywhere.

The subwoofer fits onto your wrist like a watch and doesn’t emit any sound, just the vibrations that create the sounds of your music. So it feels like you’re surrounded by what you’re listening to, even when you haven’t got your headphones on, for a truly visceral experience with music. Lofelt say themselves: “It is completely silent to the outside world – and despite the size, it makes you feel like you are surrounded by sound.”

Basslet works as an intermediary between your headphones/earphones and the device you’re listening to music on. The device uses Lofelt’s unique LoSound engine to translate the audio signals into bass frequencies as low as 10 Hz with a dynamic range and frequency response that has been optimised for bass signals.

The high precision of the LoSound engine results in a deep sound experience – creating the illusion of standing next to a subwoofer. Our tech is based on an innovative voice-coil design with highly optimised magnetic flows which allows it to be extremely powerful yet remarkably compact.

It’s one-of-a-kind. There is simply nothing like it out there – and we’re very proud of it. The Basslet is truly designed for everyday life.

Basslet was born through Kickstarter where it raised more than enough to become a reality and is now available for pre-orders. Before launching their fundraising campaign online Lofelt had worked on Basslet for over 2 years and planned everything out from the production to the retail. Thanks to the money they raised through Kickstarter Lofelt are now able to offer Basslets to people around the world.

Now it’s ready for sale the Basslet will be made available on Amazon and Lofelt’s own website in the US and the UK for $219. If you pre-order from their site now you can save $40 and get the Basslet for a tasty $179.

Sonos speakers now scan your surroundings for the best sound possible with Trueplay

Sound is as much it’s surrounding as it is the output, that’s why Sonos have added a brilliant new feature that optimises your sound for it’s environment.

Sonos have updated their speakers with ‘Trueplay’ so that they can detect your surroundings and optimise their sound based on the room. Sonos added Trueplay in their 7.0 update to all of their speakers to “make sure you’re enjoying the best sound possible, no matter where you’ve placed your speaker”.

Using an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch and the Sonos app, Trueplay uses your device’s microphone analyses the size of your room, layout, décor, speaker placement, and any other acoustic factors that can impact sound quality. Once it’s analysed it’s surroundings the speaker intelligently tunes it’s timing, EQ and loudness with precise adjustments for each woofer and tweeter.

You can also use Trueplay to tune your setup and transform it into a home cinema, as Sonos say: “Trueplay balances and fine-tunes any Sonos home cinema setup – from a PLAYBAR, with or without SUB, to full surround sound with Sonos rear channels. Set up your home cinema system however you want, in any room, and it will sound amazing.”

Trueplay is available in update 7.0 for PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5, and PLAYBAR and Sonos say: “The result? Every note you hear feels more immersive, more intense, and more real.”