Apple launch trailer for Puff Daddy & Bad Boy Records documentary

Apple aren’t holding back on their move into videos releasing a trailer for another upcoming documentary featuring Puff Daddy coming to Apple Music.

Apple Music’s upcoming documentary, one of many, will follow the rise of record label Bad Boy Records and in particular it’s owner Sean Combs (Puff Daddy). With behind-the-scenes moments and interviews with top industry executives the film will look at the label’s inception in the 90s to it’s 20th anniversary celebrations last year.

The documentary, called ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, will feature an interview with Apple Music’s head Jimmy Iovine. Iovine told Billboard in April: “I went to the [Bad Boy Reunion] concert and thought it was incredible. I think Puff and Bad Boy’s story is incredible and one that a lot people can relate to in any genre or in any business. His story is powerful. He really overcame a lot to get to where he’s at today and the documentary shows that.”

The documentary comes as part of Apple’s major plans to transform Apple Music into a multimedia streaming platform with a variety of video content like documentaries and Carpool Karaoke. Apple’s roster of upcoming shows and documentaries is now up to 10 potentially being produced to release this year.

An advance screening of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop was shown at TriBeCa Film Festival at the end of April. Apple will hold exclusive rights to the documentary for at least a year.

YouTube is more popular than cable TV with teens watching every day

According to a new study more young people are watching videos on YouTube than they are watching cable TV as entertainment slowly shifts online.

The study saw over 5,000 teenagers surveyed to see how they react with media and what’s popular in this ever changing modern climate. When asked about how they watch videos such as clips, tv shows etc. 26% of teens responded that they watched YouTube every day whilst only 23% said they watched Cable TV every day.

With an average age of 16, this survey shows how advances in technology and new platforms is molding a new generation of consumers. TV was a placeholder in most homes just 20 years ago and now the next generation are watching more vlogs and cat videos than, erm… whatever they air on TV now.

That’s not to say this shift is a negative thing, in fact it could easily be argued that the level of educational content on YouTube far surpasses that of Cable. Even more, YouTube gives the viewer the option to watch whatever they choose. Whilst you may have a choice of channels on TV the content is still curated by those channels and limited far more than the billions of videos available on YouTube.

As an example of how beneficial YouTube can be as a platform, sixth-grader Alyssia Dozier shared her experience of learning science on the site. She said: “I didn’t understand what ‘atom’ meant so I went on YouTube, and I searched ‘What does atom mean?’ and I found a video and it explained everything.”

Ginian Grayes oversees social media for Hillsborough County schools and spoke on the benefits of YouTube, saying: “It’s being able to find content that they are looking for instantly, and getting something out of it.” However she warns that “there will be times that they encounter inappropriate content, and you have no idea”.

Grayes gave some advice for parents when their kids use YouTube:

  • Keep your child’s credentials on hand at all times. That puts you in control, and you always have access to the account.
  • Take advantage of YouTube’s safety features.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. Spend time watching videos with children, and review their “recently watched” history.
  • Understand that filters can’t catch everything.

It will be interesting to see in the future how different media platforms shift in importance and usage, especially with the newer generations growing up with it as commonplace.

YouTube are creating free shows with Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry + more

YouTube are spending millions to develop original shows, but these aren’t part of YouTube Red and will be free to watch for anyone on YouTube.

The announcement was made yesterday at the NewFronts conference in New York. They are developing a bunch of star-studded shows exclusive to YouTube that will be ad-supported, therefore available to the over a billion people who use the video site.

They have been working on original shows for over a year now, but so far these have all been made exclusively for their subscription service YouTube Red as bonus benefits to ad-free videos and offline saves. YouTube say that they “kept hearing from brands” who said that they wanted to get involved with these Premium series, i.e. make some money off them.

With brands funding these shows through advertisements these new shows won’t be hidden behind a paywall.There will be seven new series in total featuring a variety of stars from Hollywood and YouTube.

YouTube’s new shows are:

  • Ellen’s Show Me More Show: Like nothing Ellen has done before, Ellen’s Show Me More Show is a twice-a-week series built just for YouTube, giving fans behind the scenes access to some of the biggest stars and her favorite moments.
  • Good Mythical Morning: Worldwide YouTube superstars—and hosts of YouTube’s most popular daily show—Rhett & Link will go to new heights in a long-form expansion of Good Mythical Morning, giving fans even more of what they crave: larger-than-life stunts, zanier challenges, and over-the-top laughs.
  • Kevin Hart: What the Fit?: Kevin will team up with celebrity friends and YouTube stars each week as they attempt to master a different trending, grueling and sometimes ridiculous workout routine.
  • I Am: Demi Lovato: Global music sensation and social advocate, Demi Lovato reveals a yearlong personal journey of music reinvention and deep discovery as she dives into the writing and recording of her new album in her new series, I Am: Demi Lovato.
  • Best.Cover.Ever.: From Ryan Seacrest Productions and Endemol Shine North America, Best.Cover.Ever. is a cutting-edge talent competition series hosted by Ludacris where emerging talent from across the globe submit covers to YouTube to vie for the ultimate prize: an opportunity to perform a duet with a superstar artist. Submit your cover now at
  • The Super Slow Show: YouTube stars The Slow Mo Guys will test the latest in technology to reinvent the way we look at celebrities, music, pranks, comedy sketches and more, giving a one-of-a-kind glimpse into what the world looks like in slow motion.
  • Katy Perry Live Special: It’s real. It’s raw. It’s Katy Perry. Live on YouTube, The Katy Perry Live Special will take you inside of her world, revealing the experiences and emotions she poured into her all-new soul-baring music on the eve of her highly anticipated album launch. With unique access, global reach and surprise fun packed along the way, Katy will break it all down in this album listen-along, and if you stick around long enough, there might just be fireworks.

According to Bloomberg YouTube are planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create new YouTube Red shows and new ad-supported shows in the next year.

Apple Music getting a revamp with iOS 11 as they launch original shows

Apple are bringing originally produced shows like Carpool Karaoke to Apple Music, and it’s not long now before they launch.

In a new report from Bloomberg, Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine revealed some of the upcoming plans for the service. The report revealed much more information on what’s to come with original shows on Apple Music and that we might see the service get an update with the upcoming iOS update.

Original shows have been rumoured for Apple Music for over a year now and later last year they revealed that they had a lot of video content planned. Shows include a spinoff of James Corden’s online viral hit Carpool Karaoke, Planet of the Apps hosted by, with a total of up to 10 shows in the making.

Iovine spoke on their exploration into the new medium, saying: “A music service needs to be more than a bunch of songs a and a few playlists. I’m trying to help Apple Music be an overall movement in popular culture, everything from unsigned bands to video. We have a lot of plans.”

A couple of heavy rumours are circulating that amongst Apple’s upcoming documentaries being produced for their video range is a documentary on legendary hip-hop record labels Bad Boy Records and Cash Money Records. There have also been talks about a show based loosely around Beats founder, Apple executive and ex-rapper/producer Dr. Dre.

Apple Music Jimmy Iovine
Jimmy Iovine helped to create Apple Music and is now head of the streaming service

Whilst Apple are still yet to launch any video content on Apple Music Iovine is already looking to the future, discussing ideas with Empire and Genius producer Brian Glazer and renowned director J.J. Abrams. Iovine said: “We have the freedom, because it’s Apple, to make one show, three shows, see what works, see what doesn’t work until it feels good… Apple Music is nowhere complete in my head.”

With the iOS 11 software update scheduled for later this year we could likely also be seeing some updates to the service beyond the introduction of video. Whilst this hasn’t been confirmed Apple often make changes to their native apps when they update their operating software, and Apple Music’s biggest criticism since launch has been it’s design – although much of that was rectified in a large update last year.

Apple plan to start releasing their shows in the next few months, with Carpool Karaoke penned to debut the new format.

Watch live TV on YouTube with new YouTube TV

“How long do we have to wait until we can watch live TV on the go, on all our devices? When will we have DVRs big enough to handle all the things we want to record? The answer? Today.”

Following a year of rumours YouTube finally announced a TV service last month, and now it’s here for you to enjoy so you can watch cable wherever you are. The launch brings a whole host of TV to stream from the biggest networks like ABC, FOX, NBC and more to your computer, mobiles and tablets for just $35 a month – a majorly reduced cost compared to that of a normal cable subscription.

YouTube TV launched last week in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia with more areas coming soon. YouTube TV may not have quite the extensive channel selection of TV cable but with no equipment issues and fees, no commitments so you can leave at any time, and more benefits over cable it’s a considerable package.

YouTube TV memberships get you:

  • Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Networks, Comcast SportsNet and dozens more. YouTube TV gives you the best of live TV, from must-see shows like “Empire,” “The Voice,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “Scandal,” to the live sports you want from the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NCAA. Based on where you live, you’ll get your local broadcast TV stations covering local sports and news. You’ll also get dozens of popular cable channels, including FX, USA, Disney Channel, Bravo, MSNBC, Fox News. And you can add Showtime or Fox Soccer Plus for an additional charge. In total, YouTube TV will give you more than 50 networks, listed below.
  • A cloud DVR, with no storage limits. With YouTube TV, your cloud DVR can record as many shows as you want, simultaneously, without ever running out of storage. You can keep each of your recordings for nine months.
  • TV when it matters, where it matters. You can watch YouTube TV on your phone, tablet or computer—and you can easily stream to your TV with a Google Chromecast or Chromecast built-in TV (we’ll be supporting even more connected TV devices later this year). And your cloud DVR goes with you, so you can stream your recordings on any device, whenever you want and wherever you go in the U.S.
  • YouTube Red Originals. With a YouTube TV membership, you can watch all of our YouTube Red Original series and movies right in the new YouTube TV app.
  • Six accounts included. You can share your YouTube TV membership with your family and roommates, and each account will receive its own unique recommendations and cloud DVR with no storage limits. Your household can watch up to three streams at a time.
  • More networks coming soon. We’re excited to announce that AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, WE tv, and BBC World News will be included soon at no additional charge. These networks will join Telemundo and others listed below as networks coming to YouTube TV soon after launch. This means you’ll be able to watch shows like “The Walking Dead,” “Doctor Who,” and your favorite telenovelas. And you’ll also be able to add Sundance Now or Shudder for an additional charge.

YouTube TV is available as a free month trial for new users and after one month of paying for a subscription YouTube are giving away free Google Chromecasts while stocks last to subscribers. You can sign up now at to check it out or from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To find out when it might be coming to your area you can sign up here.

YouTube cable tv subscription Fox NBC ABC

Spotify reveals Carpool Karaoke-like hip-hop series ft. Joey Bada$$, DRAM, E-40 and more

Following Apple’s purchase of a Carpool Karaoke series Spotify have revealed a similar series for hip hop artists, but with a twist.

What do you get when you pair a rapper and a producer who’ve never worked together before, throw them in the back seat of an SUV, send them into the middle of LA’s legendary rush hour traffic and tell them that they have to create a brand new song before arriving at their destination, the Spotify-All Def Stage, where hundreds of fans will be waiting to hear them perform that song… live?!

You get ‘Traffic Jams’, the new series from Spotify and Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital.

Spotify will work with All Def Digital for their new series ‘Traffic Jams’, launching on the 4th of April, and will run for 8 weeks every Tuesday, following a different hip-hop artist and producer coming together. The series will see the pairs create a track from scratch and record it together before taking it to the stage, giving hip-hop fans an inside look at the creative process of recording their tracks.

The series has a similar vibe to the immensely popular Carpool Karaoke series, which sees celebrities and artists drive around in a car singing along to hits of their own and others, which was recently purchased for Apple Music. Whilst it appears like Spotify are directly coming at Apple with Traffic Jams, the series has been in production since last year and bears little similarity beyond featuring artists in a car.

Russell Simmons, the co-founder of All Def Digital, said: “Our team at All Def Digital has been doing an incredible job developing and producing a variety of new series and formats across music, comedy and culture. Traffic Jams is an exciting new premium series that shows off true talent – recording artists and producers – and their ingenuity, creativity and personalities. It has improvisation, it has performances, and I’m pretty sure it will spawn a few new hits too – it’s amazing and Spotify is the perfect platform for it.”

The SUV where the artists will hole up for their track creation will be driven by comedian DoBoy (aka Fat Drake) who will get the artists to share experiences through their career, talk about their music and much more as they attempt to create art on the road.

Reddit user FilmsRUs was able to catch E-40, Joey Bada$$ and T-Pain when they performed their Traffic Jams tracks for Spotify. Speaking on the experience, they said: “joey’s was sick! E-40 was my favorite TBH, but all three were really impressive that they created such coherent songs that sounded like their style in such a short amount of time. Really stoked to see the creative process!”

Spotify Studios’ Global Head, Tom Calderone said: “Our audience loves hip hop and with Traffic Jams we want to give them a deeper understanding of the artists and the creative process behind the music. Working with the All Def Digital team, we were able to produce a best in class hip hop series that tells stories that have never been told before and takes musical performance format to another level.”

All Def Digital’s President and CEO, Sanjay Sharma added: “Hip hop is the most streamed genre of music in the world and, in turn, drives popular culture globally. Spotify has played a leading role in this by revolutionizing the way we consume and experience music. We are enormously proud to be among Spotify’s inaugural launch partners as the music service introduces its first slate of original programming to its 100 million users worldwide.

“We are so excited about the artists and producers features, from big acts to breaking talent. Our collective audience of millions of hip hop fans – who are mobile-first, millennial and multi-racial – will love the show.”

The first episode, releasing on April 4th, will feature T-Pain joining up with producer Southside from Atlanta to create a brand new party anthem.

The episodes are as follows:

April 11 – DRAM & MELO X
April 18 – JOEY BADA$$ & CARDO
April 25 – PELL & !LLMIND
May 23 – E-40 & WILLIE B

YouTube’s new VR videos let you step inside games like Minecraft and League Of Legends

YouTube have partnered up with game creators and companies to experiment with a new virtual reality experience for gaming videos, taking you inside the game.

Gaming videos on YouTube are massive! Just look at PewDiePie, YouTube’s most subscribed channel for years now, made his come up recording himself playing video games. But now YouTube are looking into how they can make this experience even more unique by putting you, the viewer, inside the game.

All sorts of gaming videos from Lets Plays to trailers are going to start becoming available in virtual reality as YouTube pushes VR across more of their platform. Some videos have already been created using VR technology so you can jump inside the games, including Minecraft gameplay and a live action, game-themed videos like a Call of Duty inspired 360° video.

Even the developers of games have begun getting involved in VR gaming videos with a 360° video for the massive mobile game Clash of Clans by Supercell, and documentaries created by Wargaming, the publishers of World of Tanks. VR videos have been taken up by eSports organisations too with the League of Legends world championship finals having been recorded in 360-degrees for an immersive experience of the tournament’s grand finale.

If you’re in the mood to sit back and relax with something, but still want a virtual experience with a gaming theme, there are videos from series like the classic Halo-based ‘Red vs. Blue’ series and Stampy’s ‘Wonder Quest’.

Whilst you can still watch 360 videos on your smartphone or pc, for the best experience use Google Cardboard or the dedicated YouTube VR feature in Google’s virtual reality hub – Daydream. YouTube have compiled a playlist full of all of their favourite gaming videos with VR capabilities, offering “a good cross section of the kind of gaming videos we offer in VR”.

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are spearheading video streaming in Apple Music

Jimmy Iovine recently discussed in an interview Apple Music’s plans for video streaming with help from Dre, and the future of music streaming.

Speaking with Variety Iovine discussed how Apple Music have been developing their music streaming service and how the future looks as they continue to expand and innovate, particularly their plans to stream video. Iovine joined Apple when they bought Beats for $3 billion, acquiring their massively popular headphone and speaker biz and taking on their failing streaming service.

Iovine explained the difficulty after the acquisition, saying: “We were never going to be able to scale [Beats Music] because the business model was very difficult, and still is. I didn’t think I could have finished it on my own. We knew exactly what we were doing, meaning that [joining Apple] is the outcome we wanted.” Years later Iovine now heads up Apple’s own Apple Music which has rocketed to success since it’s launch in 2015.

With a variety of plans to introduce video to Apple Music, Iovine explained: “We’re trying to make the music service a cultural point of reference, and that’s why we’re making video. We’re making video for our Apple Music customers and our future customers.”

According to Iovine rapper, producer and most recently Apple executive Dr. Dre is also taking a hands on approach with video in Apple Music, working with close friend Jimmy Iovine. Iovine said: “Dre’s purpose in life is to come up with something that moves the needle. He’s done that really seriously a bunch of times. And now he’s experimenting with video. And what he does will be unique, and he will get there. My responsibility to Apple and to him is to put him in that position where he can.”

Iovine assures that they don’t plan to take on video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon with the introduction of video. When asked if they planned to take them on, Iovine said: “I wouldn’t put it that way. When I read that, or I read that we’re taking on whomever, I say no. To me it’s all one thing. It’s Apple Music, and it happens to have video and audio. It has nothing to do with what Netflix is doing.”

Speaking on the future of music outside of Apple Music, Iovine commented: “Right now there’s a lot of fear in the record business, and the corporations should make it so the labels can relax a bit and be more adventurous. When the businesses are levelling out or going down, and you’re still asking for growth, you don’t have to be a mathematician to know what happens.

“Big tech companies are buying up entertainment companies. But someone at these companies has got to speak both languages, or it’s never going to work.”

Talking about when he first met Apple’s top brass over 10 years before joining them, Iovine said: “When I first met Steve [Jobs] and Eddy [Cue] in 2003, I said, ‘These guys should have an entertainment company’. They had all these technologies and these entertainment companies, but they couldn’t put it all together. Apple, of all the global tech companies, was the one that understood why artists make things.”

Young Thug’s new music video with pissed off director that he didn’t turn up for is an awful success

Thugger’s new music video for ‘Wyclef Jean’ just dropped and the shooting was a mess, so the “pissed off” director made the fuck-ups the actual video.

Let me first get started by saying I don’t like Young Thug’s music, nor his personality particularly, so I’m not biased when I say that his shitty new music video is probably the best of 2017 so far, thanks to Pomp&Clout – the genius directors who transformed a music video snowballing with issues into a video that points out every single one of their issues.

The video immediately breaks the fourth wall with Ryan Staake, who “co-directed” the video with Thug, explaining to the viewer what was supposed to happen with the music video. Then the rollercoaster ride that is Young Thug’s music video for Wyclef Jean starts.

The video features bad editing, awkward cuts, unintentional police in the background, all narrated to explain how much of a mess the shoot was. Thug didn’t even shoot any footage for the video after his instagram was hacked on arrival to the set and soon drove off in a tissy.

It’s hard to explain why all the wrong things made this video so right, so just watch it for yourself and enjoy this stupid, yet stupidly good music video.

I’m not sure how much truth there is in the disaster of trying to film this video but knowing the difficulties with filming high budget videos and Thugger’s attitude it could all well have happened exactly as said. Although I assume the director isn’t actually too miffed with Young Thug.

One Reddit user commented on the director’s emotion which I think sums up the video if not his feelings: “I feel like, after 2016, we’re all in this post-existentialist world where nothing really makes sense anymore and everyone is breaking all the rules. This is really some next level shit, I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Jimmy Iovine reveals more on Apple Music’s TV + Film expansions

Apple are planning a “significant new business” as they begin their journey into the world of original TV series and feature-length videos and films.

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed reports that Apple had some major ambitions for creating their own original video content, particularly for Apple Music subscribers. The news comes from our old friend; ‘People familiar with the matter’ but it’s no secret that Apple are delving into video right now, as Apple executive Jimmy Iovine has confirmed.

During the Television Critics Association winter press tour Iovine explained what they aim to achieve, saying: “At Apple Music, what we’re trying to create is an entire cultural, pop cultural experience, and that happens to include audio and video. We’re going to do whatever hits popular culture smack on the nose. We’re going to try.”

Video isn’t a new format for Apple who in the past have created exclusive features for artists like Taylor Swift’s concert tour film, a documentary on Roland’s TR-808 drum machine, and upcoming shows like a spin-off series of the viral hit series – Carpool Karaoke. It may be a move away from music but it’s a move towards bigger business, as Iovine says: “If South Park walks into my office I am not going to say ‘you’re not musicians’, you know?”

Apple and Iovine hope that with varied and original content they will be in a better position to take on streaming rivals, particularly free services like Spotify and Pandora. Iovine added: “We’re fighting free. So a simple utility where, ‘here’s all the songs, here’s all the music, give me $10 and we’re cool’, is not going to scale.”

We should expect Carpool Karaoke to start it’s Apple Music exclusive release sometime this year but when we might expect any other original Apple shows is anyone’s guess. Whilst news on Apple’s current video ventures is scarce ‘Vital Signs’ has been confirmed as another Apple Music series and will feature Apple Music executive and infamous rapper/producer Dr. Dre.