Can I change my artist name on Spotify?

Making changes to your artist name, track name, album art, etc. on all stores, is super easy when you distribute your music through RouteNote.

Step 1
  • Find your release under the Approved tab or search
  • Click the three white dots in the upper right corner of the release you wish to change
  • Click Update Release
Step 2
  • Find the track you want to change
  • Click View Track Details
Step 3
  • Click Edit
Step 4
  • Make the changes you need to
  • Click Save and Continue
Step 5
  • Click Save and Continue again to return to the release page
Step 6
  • Don’t forget to reflect any necessary changes in the Edit Album Details page too
Step 7
  • Once you’re done making changes, click Done at the bottom of the release page
Step 8

This will send the music to our Update team, who will take a look at the changes you’ve made, approve it and send the update to all stores.

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