Cakewalk rises from the dead as Gibson sell assets to Bandlab

Last year Gibson killed Cakewalk and all of its amazing music software with it, but as they face bankruptcy Cakewalk is gaining new life.

In recent weeks reports have circulated suggesting that one of the world’s favourite guitar-makers, Gibson is facing bankruptcy. Whilst Gibson claim everything is fine, sale of their assets has begun with the sale of Cakewalk and all of it’s products to Bandlab, a global collective of music brands.

It’s not a loss for Gibson who decided to shut down their Cakewalk business last year in favour of developing their Philips audio brand. Fans of Cakewalk and their products, like their SONAR DAW, will be thrilled however as this means that Cakewalk software and support for it shouldn’t be going anywhere.

Bandlab Technologies CEO, Meng Ru Kuok said: ” We are very excited to be bringing Cakewalk Inc’s products into the BandLab Technologies stable. Cakewalk has been an industry leader in professional music software, delivering cutting edge technology that has empowered producers and artists alike around the world for more than 30 years.

“We have immense respect for Cakewalk’s legacy and the incredible community of people who love the brand and rely on its products in both their personal and professional lives. The teams at both Gibson and BandLab felt that Cakewalk’s products deserved a new home where development could continue. We are pleased to be supporting Cakewalk’s passionate community of creators to ensure they have access to the best possible features and music products under the BandLab Technologies banner.”

The deal includes a transfer of all Cakewalk Inc. assets and intellectual property and it will be exciting to see how BandLab use and evolve these products.

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