Buy Amazing Colourful Apple AirPods from Colorware – All Colours of the Rainbow Available

Colorware are producing colourful Apple AirPods in a huge range of colours.

Apple seems to have opportunities to offer their customers more flexibility and choice, but they don’t seem to want to spend the time on such items. This is a real shame for consumers.

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This Fusion guitar has an iPhone dock, amp, speakers built-in

Every month it seems there’s more outlandish piece of music tech released, this guitar with an iPhone dock and built-in amp/speakers might take the biscuit. The Fusion Guitar was born from the need for a…

Roland’s famous TR-808 drum machine is back in Boutique

When you think of drum machines there is one that always stands out – the TR-808. Roland are bringing it back from the dead. Roland have announced that their infamous TR-808 machine will be resurrected…