Build up to 2019 with your top 10 tracks of the year on Instagram

2019 isn’t far away after an incredible year of music in 2018. So as we get ready to bring in the New Year in style why not build up to it with your favourite songs of the year on Instagram.

This year Instagram have partnered with a bunch of services this year so you can add Music Stickers to your Instagram Story. Streaming your favourite tracks on Spotify, SoundCloud and others you can now simply share to Instagram and customise the appearance and the track will be displayed on your story for all your friends and fans to see with a link to the full song.

Start sharing your top 10 tracks on your Instagram Story every day from the 21st and you can count down to the New Year in style and share your music highlights of 2018. Label each story with the number counting down to #1 on the first for a fun take on your Top 10 of 2018.

You can even add your own image or photo to accompany the song pick and make it a truly custom top ten list. Simply take the image you want or select it to add to your Instagram Story then tap on the sticker icon in the top right and select the music icon. Then you can search Instagram’s expansive music library for the track you want and select the snippet you want to be played in your Story.

When fans and friends come to watch your story they’ll hear the clip of the track and see a sticker with the artist name and track title so they know exactly what’s been sound-tracking your 2018.

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