Billboard Partner With Spotify To Stream Charts and New Features

Spotify will power over 75 of Billboard’s music charts along with new Billboard features like New Music Fridays.

No matter your opinion on music streaming you can’t deny it’s massively important to the music industry today. Billboard, media entertainment company renowned for their music charts, are well aware of it’s prevalence and as of yesterday have partnered with Spotify to power their charts and bring some new weekly features.

Co-president of Billboard Media Group, John Amato said: “For decades, Billboard has remained the world’s most influential music brand because we’ve never stopped innovating and giving our audience expanded access to new content. Our partnership with Spotify will unite both brands and launch new features to better serve today’s growing digital audience.”

Over 75 Billboard music charts now have playback powered by Spotify. New to Billboard is a weekly ‘New Music Fridays’ article featuring a Spotify playlist embedded so you can listen to new music as you read about it. There will also be 3 new charts, you guessed it, powered by Spotify.

Viral 50 – This chart will host the top 50 trending tracks of the moment based on shares around the                                              web and social activity.

Velocity Chart – Velocity features a top 30 list of cover songs that are getting the most love on Spotify

Spotify Rewind – Rewind takes you back in time through decades in music, selecting 5 tracks for each                                                    decade from the 60’s up to the noughties – ranked by popularity and revival.

Billboard partner charts playlist

Spotify chief strategy/content officer, Stefan Blom said: “As the world’s largest streaming music service, it’s exciting to partner with a highly influential music brand like Billboard to help expand its chart offerings. We’re pleased to offer passionate music fans the ability to listen to hundreds of artists on the Billboard charts alongside new content, powered exclusively by Spotify.”

Unfortunately you won’t be able to listen to full tracks straight from the website, you can however listen to 30 second previews where with the click of a button you’re sent straight to Spotify to stream the whole songs.

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