Beats by Dre are taking on Apple’s Airpods with wireless earbuds on May 10th

Beats, the Apple owned headphone makers and music shakers, are taking on one of their parent company’s most divisive products.

Beats by Dre have become one of the most notorious headphone manufacturers around the world in the past 10 years. Since acquisition Beats has become synonymous with Apple, the Dr. Dre brand being Apple’s flagship online radio station.

Beats have now announced the release of their first wireless earbuds. The PowerBeats Pro will start pre-order sales on the 3rd of May and will be available a week later, says Apple. At first they will be available only in black before releasing three other colour options later this summer.

The PowerBeats Pro will use the same technology as Apple’s own wireless earbuds – AirPods. For a slightly increased price on the AirPods, Apple promise that the sound quality will be better on Beats’ alternative. They will use the same H1 chip that launched in the latest version of Apple’s AirPods and will feature the same wireless functionality.

Apple’s AirPods have been criticised in the past for being an expensive investment in tech that is so easy to lose. The PowerBeats Pro earbuds will feature a hook to hang onto your ear making it much less likely that they might slip out and get lost. Considering the increased price this is a vital feature.

For $250 you can pre-order Beats’ PowerBeats Pro from the 3rd of May and purchase them in shops from the 10th.

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