Beatport team up with sample shop Loopmasters

Beatport are joining forces with one of the best resources for digital music production on the web creating a major electronic music hub.

Beatport have joined forces with English record label and sample, sound pack and plugin retailer Loopmasters. Beatport’s ‘Sounds’ section of the company has sold their own assets of beats, loops, and samples to Loopmasters and Beatport have made a strategic investment in them.

CEO of the major electronic music store Beatport, Robb McDaniels said: “Our partnership with, and investment in, Loopmasters illustrate Beatport’s commitment to delivering the best products to our loyal customers and the global DJ/Producer community. Loopmasters’ long history of delivering a world-class product and customer experience is going to be a valuable asset for Beatport’s more than 36 million annual visitors for many years to come.”

Beatport will begin integrating Loopmaster’s array of content for producers and DJs into their store. This will open up a new comprehensive section of their website for browsing and purchasing music production tools and assets. They will also team up with Plugin Boutique to offer a range of virtual instruments, VSTs and more from established music software companies.

Loopmasters founder and CEO Matt Pelling says: “We are thrilled to integrate the Loopmasters product suite into the Beatport site, enhance our sound library with their licensed sounds catalogue and gain access to the amazing artist and label relationships they have cultivated over the last 15 years. The combination of these two great companies will surely create an unparalleled product offering for emerging and established producers around the world.”

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