Soundcloud Hires new CTO from Yahoo and Turns on Programmatic Ad Buying in the U.S. for Marketers

Soundcloud is looking to grow is online advertising business with the recent hire of a new CTO from Yahoo and also turning on programmatic ad buying in the U.S.. Programmatic ad buying makes it possible…

Top 10 Music Blogs

Music blogs aren’t as predominant as they once was. Certain reports place this down to social media and the rise of distribution opportunities like YouTube, Soundcloud and beyond. However, we still feel that there is…

Get 3 months of Soundcloud Go for £1.00 All Weekend and Monday for Black Friday

Soundcloud is offering Soundcloud Go their on-demand streaming service for the first three months for £1.00. This is an amazing Black Friday deal and matches most other on-demand streaming services who are offering the same….

RouteNote sales statistics for September 2016 now available

You can now view your sales statistics for August 2016 on your account at Log in to see your earnings, full breakdowns are available in your statistics page.

How to Add End Screen Videos To Your YouTube Videos

YouTube recently announced that they would be adding End Screens option to all YouTube accounts. However, it isn’t simple to find out how to add them to your videos. Here is our step by step…