Alibaba Enters the Smart Speaker and Virtual Assistant Market with Tmall Genie – The Amazon Alexa and OK Google Competitor

Alibaba has followed the likes of Amazon and Google into the smart speaker market with the new Tmall Genie. The Tmall Genie has the AliGenie voice assistant inside, which is similar to Amazon’s Alexa. Feature-wise,…

Jay-Z 4:44 Has Been Illegally Downloaded Over 972,000 Times within First 72 Hours of Being Live Only to Tidal and Sprint Customers

Within the first 72 hours of the release of 4:44 by Jay-Z, it has been downloaded illegally over 972,000 times (with 56% coming from the USA). It seems like the illegally downloading has been amplified…

Patch Base 2.7 Release Free iPad App Editor for the Waldorf Blofeld

Patch Base 2.7 has been released and now includes an editor for the Waldorf Blofeld. The new editor is available in the app store for free and works for both the Desktop and Keyboard editiions….

Kanye West Leaves Tidal Over a Fight with Jay-Z and a $3 Million Bill

It has been reported that Kanye West is leaving Tidal after fighting with Jay-Z’s music streaming service over money. Kanye West feels like he is owed more than $3 million for bonuses and reimbursement for…

Moog Music Stops Creating the Minimoog Model D Synthesizer

Moog Music has announced that they are ending production of their Minimoog Model D synthesizer. The Minimoog Model D was the world’s “first portable synthesizer.” It was originally in production until its discontinuation in 1981….

Amazon Echo – USA Deal – $50 Off

The Amazon Echo is currently $50 off in the USA only for a short time. Buy Amazon Echo – $129.99 was $179.99.

Roland Release D-50 Linear Synthesizer VSTi via Roland Cloud (Sounds of the 80s!)

Roland has released their D-50 Linear Synthesizer VSTi via Roland Cloud. All Roland Cloud users are now able to use the D-50 today. Features: Recreation of D-50 from the company that made the original Digital…

First Look Video of the Roli Seaboard Block

Here is a first look at the Seaboard Block from Roli. The Roli Seaboard Block is the obvious combination of the Seaboard and Blocks from Roli. The Seaboard Block takes the existing Seaboard technology and…

Alan Walker and Alex Skrindo – Sky – Killing It. Insomnia Records Compilation for EDC Las Vegas 2017

Alan Walker is back with a new track and this time it is a called with RouteNote and Outertone artist Alex Skrindo. Sky is an upbeat track that I’m expecting Alan Walker to play at…

Apple HomePod First Look Video – Smart Speaker that Mixes Sonos Sound Quality with Amazon Echo Style Assistant Siri

Apple have announced the HomePod speaker at WWDC. Apple claims the speaker will reinvent music in homes like the iPod did for music on the go, but that seems to be a very bold claim….