Artists relive their old videos in a new YouTube series

YouTube want to delve into the minds of artists in a unique way, looking at their journey to where they are today.

YouTube have partnered up with Genius, the lyrics site that looks behind the lyrics into their meanings and references, for a new series. The series, created for YouTube’s new music streaming service, provides ‘intimate interviews’ with artists and takes a look back at their career through old videos.

The video series will expand on YouTube’s Artist on the Rise series, putting new and rising artists in the Spotlight. It’s designed to highlight how artists have evolved and grown, specifically looking at how their presence on YouTube has connected with fans over the years.

The first episode features Maggie Rogers, an up-and-coming artist who has seen significant success since a video showing renowned producer Pharrell listening and applauding her music at her university became popular. Her Artist on the Rise video shows Maggie looking back at her journey whilst discussing her influences and reacting to fans covering and remixing her music.

Maggie Rogers said of the series: “I’m a giant fan of every artists selected to be in YouTube’s Artist on the Rise program, so to be joining that group of artists is such an honour. What’s so empowering about YouTube is that it’s a creative space and it offers such wide agency to artists to have creative freedom and use their voice to express themselves in whatever way feels true to them.”

YouTube’s global head of music, Lyor Cohen said: “Every artist has stories that reveal more about who they are and how they’ve found inspiration and influences from their community of fans. There’s no better platform than YouTube for artists to reach and connect directly with fans and through our new Artist on the Rise Content Series, we’re providing a way for emerging artists to share their unique journey with the fans that have been right there with them along the way.”

Maggie Rogers added: “With YouTube, this has felt like on of the most open and collaborative partners I could possibly work with so it’s a really exciting fit and opportunity for me.”

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