Artists make money on Facebook & Instagram with RouteNote

We have partnered with Facebook to give artists the chance to get paid for their music with an audience of over 1 billion people around the world. Instagram Stories also just got worth watching with your music as the soundtrack.

Earlier this year we partnered with Facebook so that artists who upload through RouteNote can get paid every time their music is used in Facebook’s massively popular videos. We have also partnered with Instagram so that no matter what social platform your music finds itself on you as an artist are getting the money you deserve.

Instagrammers around the world can find your music to soundtrack their life on their Instagram Stories, opening your music up to brand new audiences from all corners of the globe. Instagram Stories are massive right now and people are uploading to them all the time and your music could be behind all of them!

Adding your music to Facebook’s content library is as simple as uploading it to any of our other partners. When you upload your release to us simply select Facebook in the store list and then once your release has been accepted we’ll send it over to Facebook and Instagram and get your music worldwide.

All existing releases will be automatically added to Facebook so if you want your old releases on there, we’ve got you covered. HOWEVER this only applies if your release has been approved for YouTube Content ID in the past. If not then it is as simple as heading to your release on your RouteNote account and selecting Facebook as a store and we’ll get that sent over for you.

So don’t wait around, share your music with the world. Billions of people on all of the top music streaming services, the best download stores in the world, and now the biggest social media networks can listen to your music. Best of all, it’s all entirely FREE with RouteNote.
Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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    sto utilizzando Routenote come distributore digitale e sono molto soddisfatto del lavoro svolto nei vari canali Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes…
    Mi chiedevo però se fosse possibile inserire i miei brani anche su Instagram Music.
    Se si, come si fà?
    E’ possibile ricevere informazioni/istruzioni?
    Grazie in anticipo per l’aiuto. 🙂

    Ciao Federico,

    Sono davvero felice di sapere che sei così felice con i nostri servizi! Puoi caricare su Instagram per l’utilizzo in Storie di sicuro. Se si seleziona Facebook come negozio quando si carica, verrà aggiunto al sistema di riconoscimento dei contenuti di Facebook in modo che possa rilevare ogni volta che viene utilizzato su Facebook e assicurarsi di guadagnare da esso. La selezione di Facebook come negozio lo aggiungerà anche al catalogo di Instagram.

    Ciao RouteNote anch’io sono soddisfatto dei servizi che offrite. Ma volevo chiedere una cosa perché a me quando carico la mia canzone su Facebook non mi risulta anche su instagram……

    Ciao, purtroppo Facebook non è fantastico per aggiungerlo a Instagram per l’uso su Instagram Stories. Se non riesci a trovare la tua canzone su Instagram Stories un mese dopo il caricamento, faccelo sapere a e possiamo provare e comunicare con Facebook per vedere se possiamo risolverlo.

    Hi Sgeven, As Instagram is a recently new store that Facebook are adding music to there’s no definitive schedule. It can take around 3 weeks often. If you’re concerned it’s been a while and it’s not showing up then you can get in touch at and our team will be able to help.


    Hi! How long it takes to get my song available on IG? I have checked facebook store and I have not seen my song on IG as yet.


    Hola, no me aparece la opcion de facebook en las tiendas

    Hi, it doest appear the facebook option in the manage stores

    Hi Matute, if you scroll down to the section titled ‘Content ID’ in stores you will be able to find Facebook there.

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