Arpeggio’s pocket sized sequencer & arpeggiator is as cool as it is cute

Sometimes beatmaking can’t wait and you need to lay out a beat in your mind or a melody you’re thinking of. Arpeggio fits in your pocket so you’re never caught short.

There are very few instruments that I’d describe as cute, and the ones that come to mind I wouldn’t want to actually own. But Arpeggio looks both incredibly playable and sweet, sliding easily into your pocket and making for much more fun than a smartphone.

It is at it’s essence a portable arpeggiator, hence the name, but it is capable of more than that. It is at the same time a sequencer and synth making it capable of creating melodies and beats and sketching ideas out on or you can use it to record with.

It uses live looping techniques to let you play on the single octave keyboard and create sequenced arpeggios with no limits to the number of notes in a sequence. You can edit the note lengths, adjust tempo, octave, portamento, swing and add rests to make a totally unique sequence.

With an editable 2-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer, a built-in speaker, and battery power, Arpeggio can help you make melodies wherever inspiration strikes. It can be plugged into other electronic instruments like synths and MIDI keyboards to expand it’s possibilities even more.

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