Apple’s TV subscription service may come with Apple Music

In a little less than a month Apple will take on Netflix and Amazon Prime with their TV service and rumours are abound as to how they will corner the market.

On the first of November Apple are set to launch Apple TV+, their latest entertainment offering. Having already cemented themselves as a top player in music streaming in the past 4 years, they are now looking to compete in the video streaming market.

As the launch approaches there is speculation as to what Apple will do to compete with established services like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video. Reports are suggesting that Apple are looking at the options for bundling Apple TV with their music streaming service Apple Music for a full entertainment bundle.

Apple have reportedly been in talks with the major music labels to explore their options in an entertainment bundle. According to the Financial Times’ report, one of the major labels is opposed to the idea with concerns that it will lose them revenue by devaluing the music offered on their service.

Apple are offering their TV subscription service for $4.99 with a 7-day free trial. A subscription to Apple TV+ will provide access for up to six people to watch from a range of big budget, original TV shows and films.

To entice new viewers and attempt to snatch them away from established video streamers, Apple will be offering 12 months of TV+ for free with new iPhone, iPad and Mac purchases. It’s a sneaky way of immediately cementing a large user-base that could lead to a range of committed fans before they’ve even paid for a month of the service.

It’s worrying when a company has the money to launch a new service and is in a position to gain potentially tens of millions of users without needing them to pay for the service. Video streaming is the next industry for Apple to try and take over, what other entertainment sector will be left for them to push out independent companies and competitors after this?

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