Apple Raise Library and iTunes Match Track Limit to 100,000

Apple have increased the 25,000 track limit for iTunes Match and Apple Music libraries for 100,000 songs accessible anywhere.

It was promised earlier this year by Eddy Cue, and now the time has come so that you can access up to 100,000 songs anywhere with iTunes or Apple Music. Using iTunes Match or Apple Music’s libraries you can match songs in the iTunes Cloud so that you can access your music collections on multiple devices with ease.

Earlier this year Apple’s internet software and services senior vice president, Eddy Cue revealed that they were looking to increase the song limit from 25,000 to 100,000. With plans for release in mid-September it appears they slightly overshot their target, but now it’s here.

To use the service Apple requires you pay either $24.99 for a year of iTunes Match or for $9.99 a month you can use essentially the same service, and gain access to Apple’s streaming service.

iTunes Match:

Apple Music:

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