Apple Music to launch exclusive lyric explainer video series from artists

Genius are bringing their Verified video series with artists explaining their latest singles to Apple’s music streaming service.

Genius are bringing some of their popular content exclusively onto Apple Music. The lyrics website has seen success in branching out in recent years working with artists to provide more than just the lyrics and their definitions on a web page.

Their ‘Verified’ series brings in some of the biggest artists in the world themselves to explain their songs on camera. Apple have bought the rights to co-produce upcoming episodes which will be featured on artists’ pages on their music streaming platform.

Thankfully the deal won’t see Apple snatch the videos all for themselves and after a short time the videos will be released on Genius’ website and YouTube. Older episodes won’t be retroactively added to Apple Music according to their plans.

Genius’ Chief Strategy Office, Ben Gross said: “Apple Music is already the official music player on Now, it’s also the official music streaming partner for Verified and we couldn’t be more excited. We see a bright yellow future where every hit song on Apple Music has a companion Verified episode featuring the lyrics and meaning, straight from the artists themselves. This is the first step towards that reality.”

Back in 2018 Genius teamed up with Apple Music to make them their official music streaming partner. Their partnership brought Genius lyrics onto Apple Music and vice versa; made songs streamable on from Apple Music hosting.

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