Apple Music Now Has Over 13 Million Subscribers

10 months since launch and Apple Music is proving itself to be a major streaming player already having now surpassed 13 million subscribers.

In less than a year Apple’s music streaming service has overtaken long standing rivals like Deezer and Rhapsody It’s only been 2 months since we reported that Apple Music had racked up an incredible 11 million subscribers and now we’re back again with another update.

Adding 2 million or more subscribers since February, Apple Music now has over 13 million subscribers. This new figure puts them close to 15 million subscribers, half of streaming giant Spotify’s 30 million subscribers which it took 10 years to reach. For more perspective it took Spotify 6 years to reach 10 million paying users – to be fair to Spotify though they were one of the streaming OGs and their free tier means they have lots more users that just don’t pay for Premium.

music streaming subscribers

Apple Music’s success is unquestionable but there is criticism over Apple’s advantage in the industry as a billion-dollar company. It is also not Apple’s primary focus, which is their computers and mobile devices, clear in the fact that the UI, which users complained was clunky, hasn’t seen a big update since launch. On the other hand Apple Music introduced Beats 1, Apple’s massively celebrated 24/7 online radio station and hasn’t seemed to impact badly on competitors whilst adding more choice for listeners.

Apple Music are also working closely with artists for promotion and events, though unfortunately support seems limited to already successful artists currently. Apple have been closely working with Taylor Swift since her criticism of their service before launch led to proper artist payments in free trials of the service. Apple are now working with Drake to exclusively launch his next album ‘Views from the 6’ for a week and are sponsoring his tour this year. They’ve even been dabbling in hosting exclusive concerts.

Apple Music’s triumphs show no sign of slowing and as it approaches it’s first year anniversary it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Apple Music.

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