Apple Music now at 17 million subscribers and growing

Apple Music only launched in June last year and has already seen incredible growth with Tim Cook revealing they now have 17 million subscribers.

It’s only been 3 months since Apple Music announced they had 15 million subscribers in June. For comparison Spotify, Apple Music’s main competitor Spotify, streaming veterans that have been around for almost 10 years, announced 30 million subscribers just a few months before.

Although Spotify are now claiming massive growth to 39 million subscribers that’s not to undo Apple Music’s achievements. As the music streaming environment becomes increasingly competitive Apple have broken through at a time when there’s more choice of services than ever.

If Apple Music continues at the same rate of growth it could match Spotify’s 8 year growth of paying subscribers in just 2 years of existence. Apple’s incredible growth isn’t exactly an anomaly however, with Apple behind them Apple Music has the advantage of the world’s biggest company funding their streaming service.

Apple has also taken advantage of streaming exclusives to cinch big releases from major artists like Drake and Frank Ocean. Though this has been advantageous for Apple the industry is divided on exclusives, with many saying it creates an unfair precedent, promotes piracy and hurts music fans. Major label Universal music recently announced that they wouldn’t be allowing any streaming exclusives from artists and labels signed to them.

With the rest of the industry looking like they might clamp down on streaming exclusives too it will be interesting see how, if at all, it affects Apple Music’s growth. It’s safe to say, however, that Apple Music has firmly established itself as a major streaming service within a year of it’s existence.

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