Apple Music have finally fixed their album layout

Exploring new artists and listening to your favourites is now way better on Apple Music as their album layouts have been uncluttered at last.

Apple Music has long had an issue in how it displays albums on it’s popular music streaming service. Since they launched 3 years ago Apple Music has thrown all of an artist’s releases into one place meaning searching through albums also requires trawling through singles, EPs and other releases. At last, Apple have tidied their album spots up.

When you’re exploring an artist’s collection of releases on Apple Music now you can easily trawl through their studio albums which have their own section front and centre of an artist’s page. Below, in their own separate sections, the service will show all of an artist’s live albums, compilations, and singles/EPs in an organised collection. This will make it much easier to head to the exact release you’re looking for as well as exploring new artists and being able to browse their studio albums easily.

In addition Apple have created a new segment of ‘Essential Albums’ on most of the top artist pages, which appears on artist pages below their top songs. The section will feature what Apple reckons are an artist’s best or most popular albums so that listeners can delve straight into an artist’s magnum opus and see what people’s favourites are.

The albums section can still be cluttered up depending on what’s featured in an artists discography. For example deluxe editions and remasters will still scatter throughout the albums section but this is an issue prevalent in all of the major music streaming services and is there to offer listeners a chance to listen to whichever version of an album they’d prefer.

It’s surprising it took Apple this long to fix a seemingly obvious annoyance but it appears they’ve done it right, adding the new ‘Essential Albums’ section. Hopefully we’ll see more creative promo of artists on their pages and throughout Apple Music’s services.

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