Apple Music Beating Spotify For Growth In The UK

Just days after Apple Music announced they’d reached an incredible 13 million subscribers in less than a year, it’s now revealed they’re subscriber growth is surpassing Spotify in the UK.

Music streamers rarely share specific countries’ stats and until now neither Spotify nor Apple Music have revealed numbers for the UK alone. Music Week were recently told by “recorded music sources” revealing Apple’s streaming service is catching up to streaming powerhouse Spotify at speed.

Their sources show that in October Apple Music had 376,000 subscribers in the UK whilst Spotify had 1.49 million. In January the updated results showed Apple Music with 679,000 UK subscribers, almost double the number in 3 months. Meanwhile Spotify’s Premium user base grew to 1.53 million. That puts Spotify still far in the lead, but shows the power of Apple Music and its quick ascension into the top streaming services, since it’s launch last June.

Apple aren’t just catching up in the UK however, as they’re making waves globally. With 13 million total subscribers Apple Music is almost halfway to Spotify’s 30 million paying customers. It took Spotify 8 years to get there and has taken Apple Music just 10 months.

In Spotify’s defense they’ve been around since before music streaming was the mainstream phenomena it is now, and have been building themselves up from scratch since their inception in 2008. Apple Music is new, and acceleration is a lot quicker at the beginning for most anything. Additionally Apple has a multi-billion dollar company, trusted by consumers for decades already, behind it, so maybe they have an advantage.

According to an update in Music Week’s post, whilst Spotify declined to comment a close source said including all subscription variants they have about 3 million UK subscribers.

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