Apple Music app gets 100,000 radio stations

Apple Music are keeping Android listeners happy with a big new update adding radio stations, Chromecast support and more.

When Apple Music listeners using Android devices open up their app they’ll find some exciting new features thanks to an update this week. Whilst radio has been available on iTunes for years, live radio is now coming to the Apple Music app with over 100,000 stations now streaming.

The radio stations will be provided from online radio services like iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and for a wide and comprehensive offering. To find stations simply type in the name of it or the frequency and you can start streaming.

The update has also added Chromecast support to the app allowing listeners to cast their music to Chromecast connected TV’s and speakers. They have also added perfectly timed lyrics that you can follow during songs as well as a new dark mode to ease the strain on the eyes.

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