Apple Music announce they now have over 45 million users

Apple Music is now growing by 2 million subscribers a month as they show no sign of slowing, slowly catching up on market leaders Spotify.

Last month Apple revealed that they had 36 million subscribers, adding 1 million a month since revealing 30 million last September. Speaking at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas Apple Music senior vice-president Eddy Cue has revealed that Apple Music is now home to 38 million subscribers indicating growth of 2 million in the last month.

On top of the 38 million subscribed to Apple Music they also have 8 million trial users giving Apple Music a go for free. What’s most notable about Eddy Cue’s most recent announcement of growth is that they are now matching Spotify’s growth, their main rival and the current leaders in music streaming with 70 million subscribers last announced in January, roughly double Apple’s paid users.

Eddy Cue said: “If you look at the number of subscribers Spotify and Apple Music have together versus the number of people listening to music around the world, or even the amount of traffic to our App Store – we have half a billion people visiting the App Store every week – music is just ‘this big’ in the scheme of things.

“There are easily two billion people in the world who can afford to pay for some level of music, yet Spotify and Apple Music combined have only around 100 million subscribers globally. There’s a huge gap there… We both have to grow by a significant amount of order to get to the numbers that we should be at.”

Another thing keeping Spotify on top of the game is their massive number of free users which just about tops their number of paying subscribers. But Apple Music’s growth catching up to Spotify’s is especially notable since Apple Music came so much later to the game, launching in 2015 whereas Spotify has been around since 2008. If Apple are capable of continuing this growth trend then Spotify may have to watch out regardless of their number of free users.

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