Apple Music streaming service has launched in Israel

Apple are continuing their global expansion by entering a brand new territory today and launching their music streaming service Apple Music in Israel.

Users in Israel can now sign up to a free 3-month trial of Apple Music on their iTunes or on the music app on iOS devices. In Israel you will now be offered to join Apple Music when you open iTunes or the iOS music app. Though it seems like Apple Music is now available to all users in Israel Apple haven’t yet changed their website to acknowledge availability in Israel.

Apple Music will cost 19.90 Israel Shekels a month (or roughly $5) and 29.90 ISL for Apple’s family plan which allows up to six different users to use Apple Music on the same subscription. Though users in Israel won’t need to worry about cost just yet as Apple are offering a free 3-month trial to new users, the same deal they offer in most countries.

Whilst the subscription cost may seem comparatively low to other territories like the US and UK ($9.99 and £9.99) the cost is likely less due to cheaper music licenses. In countries where music streaming is less popular the licenses paid to host labels’ music is reduced as there’s not as much want for the music. This cost difference is the reason why Australian streamer Guvera recently pulled out of it’s home country to focus on less profitable Asian markets.

There’s no definite location that Apple plan to invade with music streaming next but there are reports that Apple Music is getting close to a release in South Korea. They apparently are yet to reach agreements with distributors and copyright organisations there but have made a deal a local music federation to pay out royalties.

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