Amazon unveils the world’s first music keyboard powered by AI

Amazon’s DeepComposer brings the power of machine learning to a keyboard to create entire songs in seconds from melodies.

Amazon have announced their new musical software and it’s companion keyboard for another generation of music-making. Using machine-learning their software is capable of generating original music from a variety of trained genres.

The AWS DeepComposer keyboard is a MIDI powered instrument made just for making melodies that can be transformed into full compositions almost immediately. Plug it in to play or use AWS’ DeepComposer virtual keyboard to lay down the melody basis for the track.

The console can then select rock, pop, jazz, or classical to build up a song around it from the information gathered studying music recordings. You can even create your own custom genre to define the characteristics of the AI’s basis for developing the composition.

The keyboard looks much like a typical 32-key, 2 octave keyboard with some neat functions. Your buttons to record, play, adjust volume, and more of the staples are all included. There are some more interesting functions, such as a button that makes every single note play an automated chord when pressed. An arpeggiator button also provides for some single tap creativity.

Once you play something into the DeepComposer module, the software will take the MIDI information and then build around it. Then with an entire track built around it you can do what you want with what you’re presented. Put it into your DAW and adjust the instruments, add affects, take out or create new layers.

AWS DeepComposer’s accessible platform also allows, Amazon claims, for developers of any skill level to make their start on Generative AI with hand-on tutorials. They’ve launched a community where developers can gather and share their insights and advice for other devs and creators.

Getting started with AWS DeepComposer

Explore the pre-trained sample models available in the AWS DeepComposer console.

Explore the pre-trained sample models available in the AWS DeepComposer console, to create original and inspiring music.

Build you own custom GAN architecture with Amazon SageMaker.

Tweak the model hyperparameters such as tune and tempo in the AWS DeepComposer console or for advanced learning build your own custom GAN architecture with Amazon SageMaker.

Get creative and customize your AI-generated music using your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Get creative and customize your AI-generated music using your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Publish to SoundCloud.

Upload your finished AI-generated compositions directly from AWS DeepComposer into SoundCloud to share your tracks with the world.

The Keys to Machine Learning

Get started by using the MIDI-compatible AWS DeepComposer keyboard to compose melodies as input for your ML generated compositions. Use the hardware buttons on the keyboard to control the volume, playback, and recording flow, as well as use the built-in functions to create more complex inputs. You can also export the MIDI files to your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and get even more creative.

You can sign up for the preview of AWS DeepComposer now.

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