Amazon Music Unlimited comes to Australia & New Zealand next month

Amazon’s full music streaming service is going down under in February as it launches for New Zealand and Australia.

Amazon’s newest music streaming service Music Unlimited is coming to Australasia. Amazon have announced that Music Unlimited will launch in Australia and New Zealand on February 1st.

Amazon first found moderate streaming success (or significant depending on how you look at it) with Prime Music, a stripped back streaming service that came bundled with an Amazon Prime subscription. Then last year they launched Amazon Music Unlimited, a standalone streaming service with a full music catalogue and features you’d expect from a full streaming service.

The launch of Amazon Music Unlimited will also see the launch of Amazon Echo speakers in these new territories. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand you can pre-order an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus for delivery early next month at

Amazon Music’s head of international expansion, Sean McMullan said: “We’ve seen phenomenal feedback from customers who use Amazon Music Unlimited, and we’re thrilled to bring an entirely new world of music streaming possibilities to listeners in Australia and New Zealand. We’re opening doors for our customers to have access to an incredible catalogue of music, and to be able to listen to some of their favourite artists while using the power of voice in exciting new ways.”

Amazon Music Unlimited will be available through three monthly plan options: the Echo Plan, offering full access to Amazon Music Unlimited at the breakthrough price of $4.99AUD/month on a single Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Plus; the Individual Plan at $11.99AUD/month; or the Family Plan, coming soon, which will allow up to six members of a household to share a subscription for just $17.99AUD/month. Learn more at

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