All Billboard’s music charts now include streaming at last!

Billboard have finally integrated music streaming figures into all of their charts after introducing it to their primary Top 200 chart years ago.

As one of the world’s biggest aggregators for music charts Billboard’s new streaming integration is pretty momentous. It displays both how massive music streaming has become and as well that it’s becoming recognised as a major influencer in the industry, which seeing as it’s now the most popular method of listening to music is long overdue.

All the way back in 2014 Billboard showed their recognition of music streaming’s rise in prominence and added streaming figures to their top 200 chart by calculating combined sales and streams. Now all of the different genre charts will all integrate streaming figures for a better representation of music’s popularity.

The new charts getting streaming equivalent sales figures added are:

Top Country Albums

Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums:
R&B Albums
Rap Albums

Top Rock Albums:
Alternative Albums
Hard Rock Albums
Americana/Folk Albums

Top Latin Albums, plus:
Latin Pop Albums
Regional Mexican Albums
Tropical Albums
Latin Rhythm Albums

Top Dance/Electronic Albums

Top Christian Albums:
Christian/Gospel Albums
Top Gospel Albums


Top Catalog Albums

Holiday Albums

Streaming figures are calculated through “equivalent sales” which adds up streams and converts them into an album sale per 1,500 on-demand streams. All of Billboard’s will begin using the new formulas on Tuesday, January 31st but you will still have the option to view album sales alone.

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