AirFly Pro brings the power of Bluetooth listening to all devices

AirFly make wireless listening available without the need for Bluetooth and with the new Pro edition they can do even more to your listening experience.

Twelve South have announced the Pro version of their AirFly dongle. The wireless dongle slips into your device’s aux input and creates a Bluetooth connection for wireless earphones to link up with. Simply plug the dongle into a standard aux cord and you’ve got yourself a wireless listening experience.

With the Pro edition there is now an aux input so you can reverse it’s wireless capabilities and use the dongle to connect to an aux output. This means that you can use a standard stereo and wirelessly stream from your phone or other Bluetooth powered device. No more leaving your phone on the side at parties to brave the night on its own.

Additionally the Pro AirFly earphones offers double the battery life, touting 16 hours of use. Whilst Apple’s AirPods are clearly the intended target companion for the dongle, they should work with the majority of wireless headphones and earbuds.

The new AirFly Pro dongle will be available in Apple Stores worldwide, no doubt next to pairs of AirPods Pro, for $55.

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