A Bluetooth, portable Sonos speaker has leaked

Could Sonos be looking to take their famed Home Speakers outside of the home? This battery-powered leak suggests they could be.

At the end of this month Sonos intend to reveal a big new product at an official event. Unfortunately for lovers of a good surprise the cat may well be out of the bag, as leaks suggest Sonos have a battery powered, Bluetooth speaker on the way.

Leaks so far include images showing the sleek, compact design with a curve in the back to work as a handle. The photos seem to reveal a toggle switch for flipping between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes for playing music through the speaker. There is also a USB-C port for charging the device.

It will reportedly be called the Sonos Move and will be the first speaker in the Sonos range that is fully portable. Leaks suggest that the speaker will be just a little bigger than the Sonos One, likely using the extra space for the battery.

Like other recent Sonos’ speakers it will have Alexa and Google Assistant support via an integrated microphone and works with AirPlay 2. Auto Trueplay also comes in-built so that the speaker can tune its sound to the surroundings for the best output possible.

Sonos’ event later this month will no doubt feature the big product reveal where we’ll have confirmation of the speaker and all of its features.

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