Huge music bundle deal for games, film and other content creators

Humble Bundle have an amazing deal offering loads of music for creators starting at as cheap as $1 for a selection.

Humble Bundle are purveyors of some of the internet’s greatest selection packs of content at incredible prices. One of their current bundles, available until the 27th, contains hundreds of music soundtracks of all sorts that you can add to games, videos, films and more.

For just £1 you can nab yourself the ‘Mystical Game Music Pack’, ‘Music Loops Mini Set’, and the ‘Scary & Mystical Game Music Pack’. Then if you want more there are 5 more packs included when you pay £15.54 or more and then seven huge, powerful and quality tracks when you pay £20 or more.

Something that makes Humble Bundle quite unique is that with your choice of how much to pay, you also get to choose where that money goes. Using sliders with your purchase you can split the payment between the Humble team, the creators of whatever you’re buying, and charity donations. You get to select exactly how much of your money goes to each.

Check out this weeks huge music bundle for creators here.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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