How to search in a foreign iTunes Store

You may need to search for a release in a foreign iTunes Store to check it’s live in specific territories or if you wish to share a link to a more popular market.

Luckily it’s super easy and doesn’t require a VPN. All you need is a computer with iTunes installed. The process is the same for Apple ‘Music’ users on macOS Catalina.

Step One

Open iTunes (not and head to the ‘Store’ at the top of the page or ‘iTunes Store’ on the left panel for Catalina users.

iTunes - Step One
Step Two

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the flag in the bottom right corner.

iTunes - Step Two
Step Three

Click the country you need.

iTunes - Step Three

And that’s it! You can now browse and search for what you want. Just remember to switch back to your own country once done.

To upload your own music to iTunes/Apple Music for free and have full control over territories, head to RouteNote and distribute with us today.

Ableton release free packs and music production book

Ableton have got music-makers and producers covered whilst staying at home with some free gifts and discounts.

Ableton know that a lot of people are struggling right now and want to give something to the community. They cite that “the shared experience of music-making is something that can keep us together in spirit”.

They’re offering a Spectral Textures pack as a free download and today added a pack of Mac for Live devices to their offering. The Stray Cats Collection is a free pack of effects and a sweet MSE synth that can be used in Max for Live.

The Stray Cats Max for Live pack

They have also made their book ‘Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers’ available free for a limited period. The book covers a bunch of great tips and methods for working on music and completing the journey of creating a track.

Earlier this month Ableton upped their free trial period for Live DAW to 90 days so that those interested had 3 months to get hands on. With the next few months potentially filled with very little happening there’s no better time to start producing and recording music.

The company are planning to host 3 days of live streams with challenges for music-makes each day. They’ll involve discussion on music production and sharing people’s results. They plan to stream these between April 24th and 26th.

Earlier this year Ableton launched an awesome site for learning how to use synths in a practical, hands-on way. Both their Learning Synths website and their more general music recording/production website Learning Music are totally free to use as well.

According to their statement the Ableton team are now all working from home. They say that music “now more than ever is helping us stay on track”. You can check their page here for regular updates on anything that they add.

We’re collecting a bunch of the great music software and offers that will help to keep us all creative and happy whilst we wait out the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s regularly updated and you can check that out here.

Top 5 waterproof portable bluetooth speakers under $50

Whether it’s for the shower or pool, these five speakers will produce a significant boost over your smartphone speakers for under $50.

1. JBL Clip 3 – $49.95
JBL Clip 3

The most expensive on the list, but for a very good reason. The JBL nails everything it sets out to. Proving a fantastic sound, portable design and great connectivity. If you can pick only one, this is it.

  • Portable, integrated carabiner
  • 10-hour battery life
  • IPX7
  • Three physical buttons for play/pause and volume
  • Stylish design
  • Available in many different colours and styles

For a cheaper JBL alternative, check out the GO2. It provides all the essentials, with 5-hour battery life at just $29.95

2. Sony SRS-XB12 – $31.08
Sony SRS-XB12

The Sony packs a surprisingly heavy punch for such a small design. King of battery life. Got a mate with the same one? Pair them up for stereo sound.

  • Bass heavy
  • Portable
  • Pairable
  • Detachable carry strap
  • Dust-proof
  • IP67
  • Stylish design
  • Available in black, red, grey, blue or green
3. AOMAIS Sport II – $32.99

We now steer towards the lesser-known brands, so take their claims with a pinch of salt. The AOMAIS is a slightly larger design, providing a rugged exterior and powerful sound.

  • 20W
  • Bass heavy
  • 15-hour battery life
  • IPX7
  • Pairable
  • Durable, rubber exterior
  • Dust-proof, mud-proof, snow-proof, drop-proof
  • 100ft range
  • Build-in mic
  • Available in orange, green, blue, deep orange or purple
4. iFox iF012 – $29.99
iFox iF012

The iFox is the go to for a shower speaker, with a suction cup suitable for titled or glass walls.

  • Suction cup
  • Five physical buttons
  • 33ft range
  • 10-hour battery life
  • 5W
  • IP67
  • Build-in mic
5. Altec Lansing IMW257 – $14.57
Altec Lansing IMW257

The Altec Lansing is the cheapest on the list. At $14, this speaker provides excellent value for money.

  • Floating
  • IP67
  • 6-hour battery life
  • 30ft range
  • Clip
  • Build-in mic
  • Dust-proof, shock-proof
  • Available in aqua, black, blue, mint or red
Checkout our pick for the top 5 headphones under $50 here.

How to see your music’s analytics and trends in real-time on ‘Amazon Music for Artists’

Amazon for Artists gets you in touch with your audience, how they’re listening and helps you plan your music marketing.

Much like Spotify for Artists, Amazon’s new platform lets you get behind your music and see data in real-time. Their new app allows you to sign up to the service currently in beta and track the performance of all your music on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music from your pocket.

Simply download the app for iOS or Android now and fill in your details.

In-depth analytics show you how many streams your music is getting, where your fans are coming from and how people are listening to your music. With real-time statistics you can advise your future moves like which playlist influencers to get in touch with based on the playlists you’re finding popularity in.

Take a unique look at how you and Alexa are working together as a team: You can see trends on how people are using the voice assistant to find and listen to your music.

Updating your artist profile image

If you want to change the image that comes up for your artist profile then get in touch with Amazon at with a link to your artist profile.

It must be a landscape image and at least 3840 pixels wide + 2880 pixels tall with the focus of your image in the top half of the image.

Unfortunately we don’t currently know how long it will take for artists to hear back from Amazon. Some are reporting that 
the sign up page doesn’t work within the app. The app is currently in beta and if you come across any issues these will 
hopefully be resolved in time.

Serato launch free version of their music production DAW

Serato Studio DAW is now available for free linking their popular DJ software into a fully fledged music production suite.

Serato are best known for their beloved DJing software. With Serato Studio they also offer a high quality music production platform fully equipped to chop, record, splice, and paint your music into.

What’s special about Serato Studio DAW is that their DJing blood seeps through to make a DAW that is tuned towards the needs of DJs and beat-makers. It’s now available in a limited but still fully fleshed form and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The free version still comes equipped with all you’ll need to make mashups and edit like you would a DJ. You can even plug in your decks to mix and make beats with your hardware and record straight into a DAW.

Serato offers a bunch of built-in sounds to get producers and DJs creative flow pumping. There are drum-kits, instruments, loops and samples from a bunch of professional artists and sound designers. It fully works with VST and AU plugins so that you can easily expand your library with your own favourites.

Izotope is included as a free plugin for mastering worth $129 on it’s own so that you can truly polish any beats you make.

Check it out and download it for free now.

Get your levels just right for streaming services with this free plugin & app

Don’t let services dictate your loudness and set it yourself with this free app made for getting your levels perfect for streaming and TV.

If you’ve ever noticed that music sounds a little different on streaming services then don’t worry – it isn’t just you. Music streaming services have restrictions on the loudness levels they can stream. This means that they will often adjust and compress the levels of music when they upload it.

Whilst this can be fine, for artists who meticulously create and measure their music they are losing control of how their mix comes out to an extent. Thankfully there’s a free app and DAW plugin that knows how the streaming services tune their music and guides you to getting the levels they need on your own terms.

You can use it any time you’re uploading your music to a digital service to keep the dynamics that make it special and prevent sounds being crushed together whilst still meeting the requirements of music streaming services.

If you plan on taking your music to other mediums the program is also tuned to work with Film and TV standards so that you can get your levels perfect for any platform you want your music on.

Download it for free and find out more here.

Get REAPER DAW free until July

Cockos are giving away a license for their full music production software suite REAPER for a limited, isolation run to keep quarantiners creating.

Self isolation isn’t an ideal position to be in and it’s easy to feel uninspired or bored. Thankfully a bunch of companies are stepping up to offer their programs and software for free to cheer people up with some new experiences.

Cockos are offering a license for their renowned DAW REAPER for those who are working remotely or practising social distancing at home. The license gives users temporary access to REAPER until the end of June this year.

Get your free license here and then head to REAPER.FM to download the DAW.

Get Logic Pro X free for 90 days from Apple

In these hard times you can find some solace using some of Apple’s best Premium apps at no cost for 3 months.

Apple have upped the length of their free trials for their two most esteemed pieces of software: Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X. Whilst the former is a brilliant chance to try a high quality video editing program, it’s Logic Pro X that we’re excited about.

Apple have upped their 30-day free trial to 90 full days of free music recording and producing on their renowned Logic Pro X. The music making software favoured by many of the world’s biggest recording studios regularly features in our top list of DAWs.

You can head to the webpaged for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X to download the software and start your 90 days of free use now.