Triller rise to the top of the App Store in India after TikTok ban

US-based short form video app Triller takes the number one spot for Photo & Video on the App Store in India, after last week’s TikTok ban.

Last week saw TikTok and 58 other Chinese-owned apps removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This ban reportedly lost ByteDance $6bn in revenue, with TikTok having invested $1bn in the market. India was TikTok’s top region for downloads with 611m downloads in the country.

Triller has raised over $30m from major record companies, investors and strategic partners including Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, Marshmello, Lil Wayne, YoungThug, Kendrick Lamar, Baron Davis, Tyga, TI, Jake Paul and Troy Cartner. A report from October claimed Triller had a potential valuation of $130m.

Other apps such as locally developed Roposo have also seen an uptick in users since TikTok’s disappearance, with 22 million new users in the two days after the ban.

Instagram have launched Reels in India. Reels is Facebook’s competitor to TikTok.

Where to get free copyright-free images

These websites will provide you hundreds of thousands of high quality images that you can use however you like – for free!

Whether it’s album artwork or a promotional image, if you’re using an image online or commercially you either need to have the copyright for it or even better – find a copyright -free image!

Here we’ve collected some of the best websites we know where you can browse thousands upon thousands of images and download them to use how you like for free. Be sure to still check the permissions when you download an image as there may be certain restrictions.


Unsplash banner

Unsplash is our first port of call when we’re looking for free-to-use and download images at RouteNote. They have a brilliant catalogue with such a huge variety of images that you should be able to search whatever you’re looking for and find results.

That being said, the search results aren’t always as specific as you’d like but browsing is simple and throws up some gorgeous and unexpected pictures.

Most of the images come from the photographers themselves so you’re getting the content and permission to use it straight from the source.


Pikwizard is a new site with an already huge collection of over 100,000 free images and videos which are free from copyright to use. With a goal of offering over 1 million images and videos in total they promise to be even more of a wealthy resource than they already are.

Pikwizard also boast exclusivity on a bunch of their images, so you won’t find them anywhere else. They also have a focus on nabbing stock-style images which you might usually only find on paid stock image websites – incredibly handy for businesses!

In addition, their website features it’s very own graphic design tool so you can jump right in to edit the image and get it looking how you want it for use in whatever you like.


If you’re looking for endless choice then Pixabay should be the site you choose. They have nearly 2 million images that you can download for free and use without worry of copyrights.

Amongst their images are photos, illustrations, vector designs, and videos all available to explore, download, and use. It’s a beautiful range covering a diverse range of mediums so you can find the style best suited to what you’re looking for.

With copyright-free images you’re free to use them however you want – except sell the images without huge modifications – but it’s always nice to credit the original photographer/artist where possible! Happy browsing.

SiriusXM to buy Stitcher for 67x more than Deezer sold it for in 2016

Satellite radio broadcaster SiriusXM are set to buy podcast app Stitcher for approximately $300m, after it was sold to E.W Scripps by Deezer for $4.5m in 2016.

Stitcher provide over 100,000 audio news, sports and entertainment podcasts across devices, and even produce their own original podcasts such as Freakonomics Radio. Stitcher offer listener free and premium memberships.

Deezer acquired Stitcher in 2014 for an unknown amount. This brought 35,000 radio shows and podcasts to Deezer, but after less than two years Deezer sold off Stitcher to E.W Scripps for $4.5m in 2016.

E.W Scripps has since merged Stitcher with podcast advertising network Midroll Media. Midroll Media was acquired by E.W Scripps for $50m. This, as well as podcasts’ growth in the last four years, has lead to Stitcher become significantly more valuable, with 2019’s revenue at $73m.

It’s unclear how SiriusXM will integrate Stitcher into Pandora’s podcast services. The move is another step up of SiriusXM’s podcasting efforts. Just in the last month, they acquired Simplecast and added new creator features.

SiriusXM aren’t without tough competition, with Spotify reportedly spending around $700m on podcasting content in the last 18 months. This includes the acquition of Anchor FM, Gimlet Media and Parcast last year, as well as licensing exclusive podcasts The Ringer and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Listen to Harry Styles read a bedtime story on Calm

Meditation app Calm team up with Harry Styles for a ‘sleep story’ from the artist.

A tweet from Calm on Monday with 111k likes and the simple line “Hello, I’m Harry Styles” sent Twitter into a frenzy. Harry Styles will be reading a ‘sleep story’ for the Calm app.

Styles will be joining other popular readers on the app including Leona Lewis, Kelly Rowland, Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry. Calm also license exclusive music from artists including Kygo and Moby.

The story is due to drop later today, and you can listen to it for free with a 7-day free trial here.

BBC announce new head of Radio 6 Music

The BBC have announced that Samantha Moy will take the reins as Head of Station for BBC Radio 6 Music.

BBC Radio 6 Music is one of the BBC’s flagship radio stations and ranked the 10th most popular radio station in the UK in 2018. Whereas the huge BBC Radio 1 covers all the bases of popular and emerging music, Radio 6 is built on showing love to alternative and undiscovered music.

They’ve announced that Samantha Moy will now take the helm of the station, after working as 6 Music’s Head of Content Commissioning since 2018 and being their Network Editor before that. She should be a faithful hire to lead the station which has grown it’s cult following into a massive audience since it nearly closed in 2010.

Moy says: “I’m privileged and honoured to be appointed to lead BBC Radio 6 Music – a radio station made for and made by music lovers. The relationship with our audience has gone from strength to strength, as our brilliant presenters, supported by our talented production teams, have provided the perfect combination of music, conversation, and connection during these challenging times.”

6 Music currently has 2.56 million weekly listeners based on 2020 Q1 stats, it’s highest reach ever and a huge achievement considering it was nearly disbanded a decade ago. As it’s closure was being arranged the station surged in popularity and has been growing ever since.

Moy will commence in her new role on the 17th August, 2020. She says: “I’m proud to lead this fantastically creative and inspiring team, who I know feel as passionately about 6 Music as I do.”

What will be the Song of the Summer 2020?

It has been a strange year so far and Summer isn’t quite the same, but there still has be a definitive hit for the season regardless.

Summer is upon us, even if we’re not getting the whole group together for a bunch of big trips because of that pesky Coronavirus. Still, the music isn’t going anywhere and even if we’re socially distancing and limited to what we can do we want a song that defines this Summer 2020.

As always, Billboard are hot on the case to see what people are loving right now so they can reveal to us the song to rule the season. At the moment DaBaby is looking hot with his, currently No.1, single Rockstar featuring Roddy Rich.

DaBaby has been at the top of the Summer charts for 4 weeks now putting him in a good spot to be this years Song of the Summer. Harry Styles’ new single Watermelon Sugar has just debuted on the charts and could be a formidable competitor for Rockstar.

At the moment the top 5 Songs of the Summer looks like this, after Rockstar: Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyoncé ‘Savage’ at No.2, The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ at No.3, Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ at No.4, and Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande’s ‘Rain On Me’ at No. 5.

You can vote on what you think 2020’s Song of the Summer will be on Billboard here.

YouTube have launched their own ‘Spotify for Artists’ type dashboard for music analytics

YouTube have just launched a brand new dashboard for artists featuring a lowdown of all the stats that matter about them and their music.

Analytics for Artists is a welcome new platform for artists, labels, and teams covering their music on YouTube. The new dashboard offers deep insights and analytics of their performance and reach across the huge video platform and their recently launched music streaming service, YouTube Music.

YouTube’s Analytics for Artists is available for all Official Artist Channels in YouTube Studio. It shows in-depth details of a range of statistics:

  • Total Reach – The most comprehensive view of how your music is reaching audiences, including fan videos, collabs, and other videos as well as official uploads.
  • Song Detail – Shows all the videos that have been created with a specific song from your catalogue, i.e. lyric videos, fan videos, cover songs, etc.

Additional features are planned to made available on the platform soon. The interesting thing about this new dashboard seems to be the focus on uses of music beyond official uploads and music videos. Rightly so, as YouTube report that over 20% of views that are eligible to influence chart position come from videos created by fans and users rather than official channels.

Speaking to Music Business Worldwide, YouTube Product Manager Chris Clark said: “[We wanted to] make sure that we can give artists the best of both worlds; the power of owning your own channel on YouTube, while also understanding that there’s an entire ecosystem of creators working with your music and amplifying that.

“We wanted to build something that’s super comprehensive but also actionable given that artists do have their own channels. We developed [Analytics for Artists] from first principles on how an artist experiences YouTube. The way creators release things and the way artists release things are really different.”

Artists can access their Analytics for Artists dashboard through YouTube Studio on desktop or the mobile app now, if they have access to their Official Artist Channel. We’ve written an article on getting your Official Artist Channel here if you haven’t:

How to change your channel art/banner image on YouTube for artists

So you’ve got your music on YouTube, how do you change the banner at the top of your profile? 

In this article we’ll explain how to change your banner image but if you haven’t taken control of your Official Artist Channel yet then we have a guide to do so here:

If your music has been distributed to YouTube rather than you uploading it yourself then the process isn’t as simple as just customising your YouTube profile. First you need to take control of your Official Artist Channel so you can bring all your content into one place and customise it yourself – we’ve shared advice on doing that above.

First create or take an image that is high quality, long width-ways, and that you feel represents you as an artist in someway.

Your banner art/channel image is the landscape picture that shows at the top of your channel when you’re exploring content and information on it. So you want it to be a identifiable but simple representation of who or what you are.

YouTube’s banner art specifications:

Use these guidelines to make sure your image fits the best criteria to be accepted as your new channel art. Do not upload pictures containing celebrities, nudity, artwork, or copyrighted images since this violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

  • Minimum dimension for upload: 2048 x 1152 px with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • At the Minimum dimension, the safe area for text and logos: 1235 x 338 px. Larger images may get cropped on certain views or devices.
  • File size: 6MB or smaller.
Add or edit your channel’s banner image:
  1. Sign in to
  2. Select your profile picture   Your Channel.
  3. Select Customize channel.
    • New channel art: To add new channel art, clickAdd channel art near the top of the screen.
    • Existing channel art: To replace your existing channel art, hover your cursor over the existing banner and click Edit   Edit channel art.
  4. Upload an image or photo from your computer or saved photos. You can also click the Gallery tab to choose an image from the YouTube photo library.
  5. You’ll see a preview of how the art will appear across different devices. To make changes, select Adjust the crop.
  6. Click Select.
Add social media links to your banner:

You can also add social media links to your banner for quick access from viewers to your other pages.

  1. On a computer, go to your channel and click the About tab. If you’re in the new YouTube layout, click Customize channel.
  2. Hover over the “Links” section, then click edit .
  3. Click the +Add button. 
  4. Enter the title and URL of the site you want to link to. You can add up to five links.
  5. Click Done

Links that you add here are featured just below your description and use the icon from the corresponding social media network when displayed.

You have to use a desktop computer to change your banner image as YouTube have removed the ability to do it on mobile devices.

Check out our other article on how to change your channel icon.

Behringer can now create controllable analogue synth in a single tiny chip

Using the power of their good friends Coolaudio, Behringer have access to an incredible new music-making chip.

Coolaudio, an analogue and mixed-signal design company working under Behringer, have created an impressive new little piece of tech. Their V3397 chip is a revolutionary piece of miniscule technology that is capable of producing multiple waveforms for an analogue synth.

Its super-compact design means a boatload of new potential for Behringer synths. With the chip creating high-performance and quality sound in the size of a single chip they’ll be able to make instruments of diverse sizes including the potential for new compact, super-portable instruments.

Behringer say:

Wow – imagine a complete “Analog Synth On-a-Chip”.

Our sister company Coolaudio who designs highly sophisticated semiconductors, has just released a complete voice (2 multi-waveform Oscillators, a VCF plus 4 VCAs) on a single chip. The chip is an improved version of the Curtis CM3396 and will allow us to create high-performance analog poly synths in a very compact manner.

Stay tuned…

See their full post with the description of the chip’s capabilities here:

COVID-19 may be leading to increased streaming in Japan

According to a new survey, Japan’s transition from CD and downloads to streaming may have increased substancially due to COVID-19.

CDs are still the favourite format of Japan, but streaming is quickly becoming more relevant, with stats to show this in 2019.

COVID-19 may be spurring this movement even more according to a survey of labels, managers, producers and other industry figures conducted by Music Ally in April and May.

The results show 10.9% of respondants reporting significant growth in streams, and 36.4% seeing modest growth, along with zero cases of significant delines.


This is as expected a very different story for physical music sale of CDs and vinyl records, as well as downloads. 65% report a decline in physical sales, with 32.7% saying significant and 32.7% modest, and less than 2% reporting any kind of incline. This data supports evidence of the markets shift towards streaming platforms.


Further questions indiciate an increase in primarily catalogue streams at 38.2%, followed by playlist streams at 34.5%.


COVID-19 may also be pushing older demographics to take up streaming.


Where should you be sending your music to reach Japanese markets?