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Can I release charity music through RouteNote?

Yes, your charity releases can be distributed to all stores through RouteNote. A couple of notes to point out for all releases with RouteNote that are worth considering for potential charity albums. Your release cannot…

Is TikTok Musical.ly?

TikTok and ByteDance’s business strategy and rise to fame is a unique and interesting one. Gaining popularity in China, then buying out the competition, lead to TikTok becoming the most popular social media app in…


    Hey Elio, You’ve come to the right place! If you create a free account at http://www.routenote.com then you can start uploading your music to stores and streaming services through us. It’s as simple as logging in and selecting ‘Create New Release’ where our upload tool will guide you through each step.

    Hello can you guys give me Urls links to where my songs was distributed to. For example I want the link of my song that was distributed to Spotify or soundcloud.
    Do you guys do that or you guys just give one link

    Hey, we just launched PUSH.FM which allows you to create Fan Links. By putting your music into a Fan Link creation page we can bring links from all the top music services into one page for you to share with fans.


    It’s been more than 6 days since I uploaded a song and it still hasn’t been approved. I have followed all the upload instructions correctly. Please help.

    Hi Hot Frost, moderation is currently taking around a week and maybe a little longer due to some delays. We’re still working as hard as always and getting through releases as quickly as we are able to. You should hear from the team very shortly.

    Hola, puede tomar hasta 48 horas después de la aprobación para lanzarse en Spotify. Si ha establecido una fecha de lanzamiento, no se lanzará hasta la fecha que haya establecido. Si debe publicarse y han pasado algunos días desde la aprobación, póngase en contacto en support@Routenote.com con su UPC y nuestro equipo puede investigarlo por usted.

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