10 New Downloads RouteNote Thinks You Should Listen To Before This Year Ends.

Everybody knows that the world is going download and its just as important now to make sure your downloads are in the top ten just as it is to have a top ten album/single.

As well as providing a list of super songs we think you should listen to, links have been provided where possible (if not then a live video or something) so you can set about expanding your mind. 10 new and completely different songs for every musical taste, in no particular order. Enjoy.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

Polyend Unveils Limited Edition Colourful Retro Beat Machines

Polyend has teamed up with a trio of electronic music artists to create a limited edition colourful retro tracker.

Discord Ends Negations With Microsoft And Remains An Independent Company

Talks between Microsoft and Discord have broken down and the gaming focused voice chat software will remain an independent company, for now.

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